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We have a busy schedule of events over the coming months. Our team will be flying around the world to meet with the most exciting, emerging SaaS companies out there.

While we are in the various locations, we’d love to meet-up with like minded SaaS companies and integration businesses to discuss the highs and lows of API Orchestration and why Native Integration is best!

If you’re that kind of guy/gal/geek then we are going to be here at the following times:


Helsinki – SaaStock On Tour – 22/23/24 May

Berlin – SaaStock On Tour – 6/7 June

New York – SaaStock on Tour – 19/20/21 June

Edinburgh – Turing Fest – 31 July and 1/2 August

Dublin – SaaStock – 15/16/17 October


Look forward to meeting you!

Cyclr Team


PS: Take a look at our video explaining how you can achieve native integration in your SaaS application

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With over 10 years experience in the Digital Marketing arena, covering industries including IoT, SaaS, fitness, computer gaming and music, Daniel has been Cyclr's marketing manager from the early days of the platform.

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