COVID19 Update

Updated on by Fraser Davidson

Dear Client, prospective client and all impacted by COVID19 and the unprecedented situation we are facing.

First and foremost we wish you all well in these challenging times. We have an open door to support people to the extent we can.

When it comes to Cyclr my priority is my team, their families, friends and acquaintances. 

In line with the recent UK Government advice on eliminating non-essential travel and encouraging homeworking, we have asked our team to adhere to the UK Government’s advice. 

We have always operated on the basis that we trust our team to do their roles to the best of their ability and that, beyond that, we are flexible in working hours, location and holidays taken. The benefit of this policy is that the transition to home/remote working for my team has been seamless. Prior to COVID19 we operated as a dispersed team and the recent changes will have minimal impact on our ability to perform our roles and fully service our client requirements. You should expect a full-service from us in the months ahead. Should this change I will communicate accordingly and expediently.

It is also important to me that we remain positive in outlook and we aim to continue to grow the Cyclr team in these challenging times. We will be looking to continue to carefully recruit in the months ahead.

Lastly, as a young company ourselves, we are also sensitive to the needs of other young companies. We understand that this is unprecedented and not something that will have been planned for in many financial forecasts. Should you have any concerns in regards to the affordability of your subscription, or should you be in a situation where you need to adopt our solution with urgency and short-term affordability is an issue, please speak to us.

My personal email address for any queries, COVID19 related or otherwise, is

Wishing you all the best.

Fraser Davidson, CEO.

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