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2nd November 2018

We’re excited to announce that we have opened a second office! Our new office is located in south London, giving us easy links to the City, our existing office and a new location to bring in new team members.

In less than a year the Cyclr team has doubled, so the new office space will help to support us as we continue to grow.

TMRW event space

Expanding into the new and stylish offices at TMRW give us new amenities, including an event space and several table tennis tables, that our CTO has assured we’ll all receive a pasting on. We look forward to making the most of these new resources, as well as growing the Cyclr embedded integration platform, and team, going into the new year.

Our new address is:


75-77 High Street,



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Daniel Twigg

With over 10 years experience in the Digital Marketing arena, covering industries including IoT, SaaS, fitness, computer gaming and music, Daniel has been Cyclr's marketing manager from the early days of the platform.