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We’re proud to announce that Cyclr is now available through the UK government’s Digital Marketplace, as part of the G-Cloud 9 framework.

This means public sector organisations such as central and local government, health, education, emergency services and not-for-profits can buy Cyclr much more easily than before.

The Digital Marketplace features a searchable database of suppliers who’re all signed up to framework. Suppliers are carefully evaluated with pre-agreed terms and conditions to offer customers sound contractual safeguards.

G-Cloud 9 is fully EU compliant, so removing the need to run any further procurement processes. Tenders that previously took weeks can potentially be reduced to a few hours.

We’re looking forward to showing how Cyclr can make a difference as the public sector moves into the cloud. Our library of connectors is growing fast, and we’re able to quickly build bespoke connectors to integrate with the cloud services you’re already using. We’re also able to create connectors for legacy and on-premise technologies, potentially saving you a lot of time and money.

You can now see our listing on the Digital Marketplace. If you’d like to hear more about Cyclr and how we can help your organisation, please do get in touch.

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With over 10 years experience in the Digital Marketing arena, covering industries including IoT, SaaS, fitness, computer gaming and music, Daniel has been Cyclr's marketing manager from the early days of the platform.

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