Drinking my own IRN-BRU – Advisor vs CEO

Updated on by Fraser Davidson

We already have the ‘Drinking your own Koolaid’ blog format so I thought I would adapt it with a nod to being Scottish.

Back in 2016 I wasn’t CEO of Cyclr but was a founder of the business with a hands-on, but part-time, strategic advisory role. I was formally a Non-Exec Director of Cyclr and a good few other SaaS tech start-ups. With a background in marketing, strategy and Private Equity I have spent over 16 years either investing in, or advising, technology companies.

I was confident back-then in how easy it must be to be CEO of a tech company. I even used to blog all about it, proffering advice for those with enough interest and spare time to read it. It is all still here – www.prepcap.com/blog – in its’ fully unedited and original format if you want to steal the thunder of our upcoming series.

Our Chairman recently quizzed me on how it was being on the CEO side of the table and if my perspective on life had changed. Was it all I had thought it would be……..

And so in a flurry of brilliant content based marketing sparks we have come up with the idea of challenging me on whether I really do drink my own IRN-BRU or whether perhaps my perspective is slightly different on the other side. So……. we will endeavour to publish an occasional unedited excerpt of my investor/advisor blogs with the refreshed perspective of being an actual CEO : )

Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter if you want to see just how wrong, or perhaps right, I was in the way back way back. I am undertaking to publish the first one next week……..

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