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The Cyclr Software Stack

6th May 2018

When it comes to putting together a SaaS software stack our ethos has always been to focus on our core expertise and use best of breed third party applications for situational requirements.

In the same way our integration solution slots into your SaaS stack we use a range of applications to manage all aspects of our business.

So, in the name of transparency, we are listing what we use, how we use them and what we do with the data within each of them.


ChargebeeChargebee is a scalable billing service for subscription services. Chargebee helps us manage this in a seamless, user friendly fashion.

Learn about Chargebee’s security measures here.


IntercomTo speak directly to prospects and users via the Cyclr website we use Intercom messenger. This allows us to field questions  and provide information that is contextually relevant.

How we use Intercom

Automated messages are implemented to provide help and application tips, but are triggered on user action (page viewed or link clicked) not based on user data.

Users can give us their email address to allow us to respond to their questions directly to their inbox if they are not still on our website.  

We use this service only to respond to questions and messages, but never for marketing purposes. Direct marketing communication between users and Cyclr is only possible through direct user signup and consent, being managed in a separate system.

Intercom’s data protection updates are available here.


PipedriveAs CRMs go Pipedrive is a fantastic toolkit for managing sales. We’re big fans. Lead and user requests are added into our CRM so we can manage them as a team, creating tasks and moving deals through pipelines so no customer is left behind.

How we use Pipedrive

We use Pipedrive to manage our sales process, adding contacts when they have signed up for a trial of Cyclr or requested a demo. Contacts are assigned to companies, in order to keep in contact with leads that include multiple people within the company.

Companies will then have deals attached to them. We then use these to track how they are getting on, moving them through pipelines so we can manage their needs as well as possible.

You can find out about Pipedrive’s privacy policy here.


SentoriSentori is an email marketing platform with some extremely powerful automation functionality (powered by Cyclr 😉 ). While regular email newsletters are a relatively new thing for us, we decided to start with a new platform and completely new subscriber list.

How we use Sentori

We use this email marketing platform to create and deliver our monthly newsletter. All signup forms on our website include consent buttons that must be accepted to be added to the list. By consenting, users will only be added to a single newsletter list and won’t be sent any other communications other than that.

All of our email include an unsubscribe link, so users can be removed from our list at any time.

Find out about Sentori’s GDPR compliance measure here.


To allow our website visitors to find out more about the Cyclr platform we offer free demos. In order for visitors to book a slot we use YouCanBookMe.

How we use YouCanBookMe

Once an available slot has been booked we send a calendar invite with a meeting room link (typically using Google Hangouts or Zoom) via email. It is also added to our CRM so we can track leads and manage what users requirements are as a team.

Youcanbookme’s privacy policy is available here.


ZendeskIn order to provide support to our users in app we use a ticketing service provided by Zendesk. Ticket creation ensures that no question or query is left behind, being served by the right people in the know.

Tickets create an open dialogue between our users and our support team, so we can get to the bottom of any issues you may be facing.

Zendesk’s data protection measures are available here.

Non-Attributing Tools

Google Analytics

Google AnalyticsThe widest used website analytics platform, Google Analytics allows us to track the performance of our website. The data it provides allows us to make data driven improvements to the experience of our website, as well as indicating what areas of our marketing plans are working.

We don’t attribute any data within Google Analytics, so no personal or user data is ever sent to it. To limit the amount of data help within the platform we use their data retention feature to purge data over 26 months old.

Learn about opting out of Google Analytics here.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag ManagerAnother part of Google’s suite, we use Google Tag Manager (GTM) to set event triggers based on actions taken on the website. We also don’t attribute any user data to these actions, just using the data to make decisions to improve our website’s performance and experience.

Google Tag Manger’s usage policy is available here.


hotjarTo help make improvements on our website we use HotJar for user action monitoring. This data allows us to make changes to our page content and layout to provide visitors and users with a better experience.

Find out about Hotjar’s updated GDPR compliance here.


You can see our full software stack, including our development tools on our Siftery page.