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About Sarah

Sarah Smith

Sarah is a CIMA qualified accountant, with over 10 years experience in corporate sales. Sarah joined the software industry initially with Deloitte’s, then Thomson Reuters and Wolter Kluwer, where she used her accountancy skills to assist many of the FTSE100 with Corporate Tax Solutions.

Early in 2012, Sarah joined Oracle, initially with Netsuite selling to Software companies like Shazam then moving to Oracle selling Oracle’s array of Application (Fusion, EBusiness, JDE, EPM and BI) to large Corporations.

Why did I leave Oracle?

Having worked at Oracle for many years, I felt that it was time to move away from the heavily-regulated and controlled corporate environment, to work in a young, dynamic business where we can address many of the things that my clients had been saying for years:

  • why does it take so long to respond to simple requests?
  • how come everything is so expensive?
  • why do I have to bear all of the risk in new projects?
  • does it really have to be this hard?

Why Cyclr?

I have first-hand experience of the value of integration to clients, who’ve had to decide whether to buy great stand alone applications for functions such as CRM, or less capable software that is integrated with their core systems – probably from their ERP vendor. It’s a big compromise, but historically integration wins; especially for corporates, who want to manage processes across their entire enterprise.   

In today’s market, there are hundreds of great cloud-based applications offering specific functionality, focused on specific industries or market segments. These applications are cheap to buy and quick to implement – offering incredible productivity gains and/or cost savings over legacy systems. Most of my clients really wanted to use them, but couldn’t – because the cost and risk of integrating them using the existing integration tools (e.g. Mulesoft, Dell Boomi etc.,) was proportionately too expensive  – often costing more than the core ERP system.

Once I saw Cyclr, I quickly realised that with the right, cloud-based technology, instead of having to buy everything from a single vendor, the creation of a well-articulated ecosystem of applications and data will be the solution for most industries. Clients will be able to choose the best tools for their requirements on a plug-in/switch-off basis without having to make the trade-off on functionality – all for a fraction of the cost that they would currently have to pay.

Cyclr provides the infrastructure needed for applications developers and systems integrators to collaborate in this new ecosystem, to the benefit of their clients, allowing them to focus on functionality and building competitive advantage, without wasting their time and resources building infrastructure.  

What have I been doing since I joined?

I really can’t believe that I’ve been at Cyclr for 3 months already – it’s been an absolute whirlwind and I’ve enjoyed (almost) every minute of it. Totally new, very refreshing, but fairly tough on my brain!

I’ve had a very steep learning curve – more of a mountain really. I’ve had to learn a lot of new concepts, a whole new vocabulary (REST, API’s, Orchestration Layer, etc., etc.,) and I’ve met a lot of great people.

Integration Partnerships

A key part of my new role has been engaging with Netsuite and Oracle Integration Partners. I had a hunch that they could use Cyclr to help them to deliver much more value to their clients – given it’s flexible architecture and sensible commercial framework. I’ve been really pleased with the response and feedback that we’ve had so far and it fully confirms the fact that, flexible, robust integration capabilities, combined with a reasonable pricing strategy is a clear winner!

I’d especially like to thank the guys at DSI for inviting me to join them at Royal Ascot. Not only did I have a very enjoyable day exchanging ideas with their team and their Partners, but I also did rather well with the bookies – claiming 3 wins and an each-way second place. Who knew that an accountant would be good at gambling!!

In addition to working with Partners, I’ve been to see many corporates. I was particularly impressed with one particular household application – who’s new Global Headquarters on Canon Street, in the City of London, are quite simply stunning. You really have to see their “centre-court meeting place” to believe it, what a great experience and my thanks to the team for showing us around.

I’ve also had the great fortune to attend SaaStock in both Berlin and Helsinki. Both great events where I met a lot of new potential Cyclr clients (some have already signed-up!) and learned a great deal from many of the speakers and funders that also attended. I am really looking forward to the Dublin event, from 15th to 17th October at RDS. Let me know if you’d like to come along!   

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With over 10 years experience in the Digital Marketing arena, covering industries including IoT, SaaS, fitness, computer gaming and music, Daniel has been Cyclr's marketing manager from the early days of the platform.

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