Offer Your Customers Automation Services with Your Own Automation Platform

Managing your customers modern marketing needs provides fresh sets of challenges; fragmentation of application stacks and the increasing requests for marketing automation means there is no “one size fits all” solution.

Digital marketing agencies without the budgets or resources loose out on marketing automation focused projects to dedicated consultants and third-party automation applications.  But what if you had your own automation platform that lets you connect the dots between your users’ software stacks, while being able to offer above and beyond marketing automation requests and tasks.

With Cyclr, you get just that. You can have your own branded automation platform to build and manage your customers’ automations. Our drag and drop workflow builder takes the pain out of creating automation workflows, allowing marketers to directly create and deploy automations and integrations for you customers – no code required!

Use Cases

eCommerce to CRM Workflows

Web shops come in many forms, with popular platforms including Magento, WooCommerce and Shopify. Cyclr has you covered, with a wide range of data points to be tracked and synced, allowing you to push data to all areas of your customers’ CRM they need the most.

Create & Manage Bespoke Segments for your Customers

Boost your customers’ email marketing open rates and reconvert existing customers with new products by creating your own marketing automation workflows. Provide your customers with workflows that sends completed orders from eCommerce stores to their email marketing platform, creating custom segments based around the products they purchase. Use these segments to send product centric messages and increase your customers’ ROI.

Tailored Marketing Campaigns - On Autopilot

Enhance your customer’s experience by giving your customers the information they need when they need it. By providing more contextually relevant content to your customers, rather than the generic “send a single message to all” approach, you are more likely to purchase, contact or subscribe with your services.

Case Studies

Automated Mailing List Management

With new lead, contact and sales data being fed into your customers’ CRM you need a way of segmenting and managing the information so it can be usefully utilised. Having it simply sit in your CRM won’t do you any good at all. Using Cyclr’s workflow builder you can setup automated commands to send data into your customers’ marketing platform’s most appropriate lists and campaigns. Add new contacts or update existing based on what is in your lead title, allowing you to make multiple cycles to populate as many lists or segments you like.

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