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Provide native integration between your app & your users' apps, including:

Help Your Users Save Time With Email Automation

Email is ubiquitous in sales and marketing processes. You use it, your users use it, their customers use it. It’s a great system, but at scale, when you are handling a wide range of contacts on a personal basis, it becomes a resource and time hog.

Many of the daily emails sent out can be handled through automation, by facilitating this you will gain a wealth of happy, more relaxed users that worship your product.

However, unless this functionality is built into your product your users will make use of 3rd party integration platforms to achieve it. This breaks your customer relationship, exposing your users to competitor’s products, while missing out on a potential revenue opportunities.

This is where Cyclr comes in – Cyclr’s embedded integration platform lets you connect your platform to other popular systems, allowing you to create & publish integrations between your users’ email applications, services and your own SaaS platform.

Use Cases

Email Marketing Integrations

Cyclr support a wide (and growing) range of email marketing suites, allowing your users to create beautiful and dynamic email campaigns, that span their entire marketing software stack without increasing workload.

CRM and Email Automation

CRMs holds the keys to your users’ sales. They use them to manage contacts, track leads, run projects, record sales – it is their business. Combining this data with your email platform allows your user to create far more tailor made messages, managing their sales email lists and marketing automation workflows more accurately.

Data Enrichment

Whether it’s adding contact details from website enquiries to your CRM or updating email marketing lists, the more data about a user the better. Incorporating third party services such as FullContact, to enrich your data, provides your users with  additional information about their customers, giving them a better understanding of their wants, drives and circumstances before your sales team make contact.

Case Studies

Automatically Sending Sales Emails Based on Deal Stages

Your users’ customers like to be kept in the loop at all stages of a deal. This can lead to significant resource hogging, tying up your sales team with loops of monotonous email updates. These processes can be automated, triggering customer focused emails when a particular stage of a deal, completion of a support task or particular action in your own application is reached; creating a more timely, streamlined service that frees up sales staff to focus on sales, not their inbox.

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