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Native integration between your event app & your users essential business & organisational tools, including:

Embed your booking system into the heart of event organisers' software stack

While event booking systems give organisers of events of all shapes and sizes to provide ticketing for their customers, there is a wealth of other tasks required to put together a successful event.

When it comes to marketing, sponsorship and exhibitor & speaker organisation a modern event organiser has their own application stack to keep on top of everything.

However, ticket sales are the key to all events – offering more than just attendees, they give you information that indicates their wants, drives and reasons for attending. But how do your uses make use of this information?

Unless this functionality is built into your product your users will make use of 3rd party integration platforms to achieve it. This breaks your customer relationship, exposing your users to competitor’s products, while missing out on a potential revenue opportunities.

This is where Cyclr comes in – Cyclr’s embedded integration platform lets you connect your platform to other popular systems, allowing you to create & publish integrations between your users’ applications, services and your own SaaS platform.

Event Ticketing Use Cases

Keep Event Teams in the Loop About New Bookings

Help event teams keep on top of event bookings with instant notifications. Provide integrations, built into your event ticketing application, that let your users know about signups and purchases within their communication suite, be it Slack, Trello, SMS or many other platforms!

Maximise the Value of Booking Your Next Show with Exhibitor Data Management

Integrate your event booking system with your users’ CRMs to effectively manage your exhibitors. Allow them to get a full view of their customers’ interests and interactions to give their sales team all of the information they need to offer compelling packages to their customers.

Send Custom SMS Messages to Attendees

Enhance your ticketing users event experience by letting their attendees know what to see and do while they are at the event- without adding extra tasks that effect running the event itself. Provide automation workflows that notifies checked-in attendees of relevant talks, stands and exhibitions, allowing your users to create specific messages for different ticket types, days attended or attendance intent.

Event Automation Case Studies

Set Up Your Pre & Post Event Marketing Campaigns Well in Advance

Automatically manage post-show attendee and non-attendee messages well in advance – allowing your event team to focus on the event itself – by making the most of marketing automation.

Cyclr’s workflow builder allows you to create and provide automation workflows that handle your customers data from the moment they register to your event. Automatically create mailing lists on your users prefered email marketing platform for attendees and non-attendees, send messages during the event or handle exhibitor re-bookings for your next show.

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