Marketing automation service implements embedded iPaaS to expand connectivity options and save time.

from 25 to 50+ enabling more end users to connect to the apps they use.


We would need two full-time employees just to maintain all of the API integrations if done natively and ran ourselves. Cyclr picks up a lot because they’re part of your connector base.

Customer: May 2018

Contract: Enterprise

Geography: UK

Increased API Count

Saved 86% of time

on integration builds, going from 2-3 days to 4 hours.


Force24 is an email marketing and automation company that brings together their users’ business data, to enable them to provide timely and relevant messaging to their customers.

Their customers range from small leads-based businesses to global enterprises. Force24 assists with everything from standard marketing emails to complete marketing process optimisation.

Force24 helps drive customer engagement by enabling unique user journeys, workflows and leveraging automation capabilities to deliver the best value for their customers through a datadriven approach.

For this to work effectively their application needs to have connectivity at its core. By primarily working with their customer’s CRM and first party customer data, they are able to take this siloed data to create a picture of a customer, so the most relevant messaging and appropriate timings can be taken into account when contacting customers.

As a result, Force24 integrates with a whole host of different CRM systems and offers its own bespoke API. 

Prior to using Cyclr, Force24 managed its integrations in-house. These integrations would often involve the manual upload and download of key CRM information by their clients to pass through to Force 24.

In addition, they used partners like Zapier to manage key pieces of information such as subscription preference. In cases like this there was a requirement for the user to self set-up such an integration.





Enhance connectivity and remove data silos.



Luke Brewin is the Director of Technical Operations at Force24, and leads the business transformation initiatives across the business.

The aforementioned methodologies required customers to play an overly active role in the integration management process. The Force24 team viewed this as suboptimal as they wanted to take as much work off the customer as possible. 

To improve customer experience Force24 committed to dramatically increasing the connectivity options available. They started by building their API-led integrations. 

However, with so many CRMs available, it quickly became apparent that this was an ambitious task for their development team having to commit, not only to the builds but also to the ongoing maintenance.


Luke Brewin, Director of Technical Operations

We can send off an API doc to the Connector team and two weeks later they’ll deliver a fully functioning Connector.

Luke Brewin, Director of Technical Operations

Cyclr enabled the Force24 team to rapidly expand their 25 internally created integrations with an additional 35 CRM integrations powered through Cyclr. As a result, Force24 can integrate with a considerably higher number of different systems with a much lower overhead.

Cyclr helps Force24 present and enhance its customers’ CRM data through important and dynamic two-way integrations. For instance, if they send out an email and all of a sudden preferences are changed, let’s say a customer decides they now prefer Mars Bars to Milkways then Force24 uses Cyclr to ensure that all of that information is passed back to their CRM. 

Information is now completely up to date and, if you are a salesperson, recruiter, etc. you’ll be on top of the latest information in the relevant CRM. This is also important in the world of GDPR, where adhering to customer choices is critical.


With Cyclr we can integrate with a considerably higher number of different systems with a much lower overhead. As well as enhance our customer’s CRM data through important and dynamic two-way integrations.

Luke Brewin, Director of Technical Operations





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With Force24’s sustained growth, the number of new customers to onboard has increased, meaning that the breadth of systems they need to work with has also increased. By working with Cyclr they are able to onboard new customers quickly, in a standardised manner, whether they require a new integration or an existing connection.

The process starts with Force24’s project management team, who pick up integration requests from customers. By scoping the integration they understand if a Connector already exists in the Cyclr library or if a new one is required.

If a new Connector is required, Cyclr’s Connector team evaluates what needs to be built in order to complete the customer’s use case, without development becoming too time consuming and costly. Based on these recommendations the Cyclr team agree the scope with Force24 and begin the build, with delivery being typically sub 2 weeks.

So Force24 can onboard their customer’s new integration in the most timely and cost effective way possible.


The support really needs to be screamed and shouted about because the time you have to work through any of our questions or issues is really what sold Cyclr to us.

It is also a big reason why we haven’t looked anywhere else.

Luke Brewin, Director of Technical Operations

The Cyclr platform has helped save Force24 time. Building out a new integration has reduced from a time horizon of two to three days to only four hours. An overall time saving of 83%.

Force24 can now onboard new customers more rapidly compared to having to rely on internal development resources to build bespoke integrations.

Cyclr absorbs the maintenance burden of any updates to Connectors.