Provide Your Users With Native Marketing Automation Workflows

Modern digital marketing is a multifaceted discipline requiring a wide range of tools. Marketers tend to have application stacks that they are comfortable with, driving the need for marketing SaaS platforms to offer integration functionality to allow users to run fully developed marketing automation campaigns.

Unless your integration solution is built into your product your users will make use of 3rd party integration platforms. This breaks your customer relationship, exposing your users to competitor’s products, while missing out on a potential revenue opportunities.

This is where Cyclr comes in – Cyclr’s embedded integration platform lets you connect your marketing platform to other popular systems, allowing you to create & publish integrations between your users’ marketing applications and your own SaaS platform. 

Use Cases

Tailored Marketing Campaigns - On Autopilot

Help your users provide better customer experiences by giving them the information they need when they need it. This additional data, made accessible from their business software platforms, allows them to provide automatically triggered, contextually relevant content to their customers.

Email Marketing Integrations

Cyclr support a wide (and growing) range of email marketing suites, allowing your users to create beautiful and dynamic email campaigns, that span their entire marketing software stack without increasing workload.

CRM and Email Marketing Automation

CRMs holds the keys to your users’ sales. They use them to manage contacts, track leads, run projects, record sales – it is their business. Combining this data with your marketing platform allows your user to create far more tailor made campaigns, managing their email marketing lists and marketing automation workflows more accurately.

Case Studies

Marketing Automation

With new lead, contact and sales data being fed into your customers’ CRM they need a way of segmenting and managing the information so it can be usefully utilised. Having it simply sit in their CRM won’t do them any good at all. Using Cyclr’s workflow builder you can provide your users with automated commands to send data from their CRM and business systems into your marketing platform’s most appropriate lists and campaigns. Allow them to add new or update contacts based on what is in their lead data, allowing them to automatically segment lists and make the most out of your platform.

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