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Frequently Asked Questions About Cyclr

An Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) deals with inter-app connectivity. Typically in the guise of a third-party application, they allow a non-developer to connect multiple cloud applications together, often while providing data transformation tools to select, move, and delete specific data.

These third-party apps rely on your API, essentially charging users for a friendlier (low-code or code-free) way of interacting with it.

Embedded IPaaS takes the IPaaS model but places it within your SaaS application, providing your users with a more standardised integration approach that doesn’t rely on external services.

Because you can own the integration experience inside your interface, integrations can be deployed that feel seamless and are easy to use.

Cyclr comes complete with tools to add and modify connectors to allow you to cover your users' needs quickly and effectively.

New connectors can be added automatically via Swagger and Apiary, or mapped to quickly using a JSON text file.

Almost anything, whether it has an API (REST, SOAP) or not (databases, SFTP / files).

Cyclr can be hosted by us or self-hosted within your own infrastructure.

In either case, you use our API to expose integrations inside your app's UI. You can create any UI/UX you wish, making Cyclr entirely invisible to your users.

There is a strong precedent for using third-party components when building apps and services. For example, it's unlikely you would build your own billing service and helpdesk.

As we see it, connectivity is the next key component for app and SaaS companies. We take care of integration, allowing you to focus on building your core platform.,

With your API accessible as a front-end feature. you can quickly and easily build any UI/UX you wish on Cyclr's API. This means that users can experience seamless, native, integrations can that can often be accessed in a few simple clicks.