API Authentication

How to setup authentication with Cyclr's API.

The Cyclr API authentication is provided using
OAuth2. OAuth tokens are granted to either manage the partner or access and modify a partner account.

Get access token

You need to get an access token from Cyclr by calling the token endpoint with either your email address &
password that you use to login to Cyclr for access the partner API endpoints, or the username & password
of an account user to access an account.


Partner access token

POST https://api.cyclr.com/oauth/token

Account access token

POST https://api.cyclr.com/oauth/token
  • client_id – the client ID of the Partner. This can be found in the Cyclr Console.
  • client_secret
    (Optional) the ID of the account this token is for
  • grant_type – the Cyclr Partner API only supports the password grant_type
  • username – the username of the authenticating user
  • password – the password for the user


  ".issued":"Thu, 24 Nov 2016 16:32:59 GMT",
  ".expires":"Thu, 08 Dec 2016 16:32:59 GMT"
  • access_token – the token used when making requests to the API
  • expires_in – the amount of time in seconds until access_token will expire
  • refresh_token – the token that can be used to generate a new access token without the username and

Refresh access token

To refresh an access token, before or after expiry, you need to call the oauth token endpoint with a
grant_type of
refresh_token and pass the refresh token that was included with the current access token. Once refreshed
the old token will be no longer work.

POST https://api.cyclr.com/oauth/token


Calling an API method

To authenticate your requests you need to include the access token in the authorisation http header.

Authorization: Bearer {AccessToken}
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