Connector Engine

Embedded Integration
(Your API Re-imagined)

Connector Engine is the embedded version of Cyclr designed for SaaS companies.
With a single connection to us, your app's API unlocks 100s of no-code integrations for your users.

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Simpler Integration

No code, no plugins, no fuss


Integration 'out of the box'

Even with a great API, your audience for integration is naturally limited to those who have the technical knowledge to write code (or the budget to hire such a person).

Connector Engine changes that, giving you your own instant marketplace of high quality connectors for popular apps.

Once your platform is connected (which we can help you with), this single connection unlocks over 100 app connectors for your users. As we add new connectors, your users can access those too -- without you needing to do a thing.


Empower your users with no-code integration tools

You can create premade templates integrations for your users or let them use our workflow builder to create their own.

Create integration templates in our builder...

... then publish your integrations inside your app

Key Benefits

Your API holds incredible value...
we let you unlock it


Generate API revenue

Plugin developers and third-parties make money from your API whilst you field the cost. We think that's unfair! Connector Engine moves your API from back-end to front-end, from cost-side to revenue-side.


Seamless integration with your app

One click-access for your users, multiple embedding options, integrated billing... our goal is to be invisible to your users.


Access to our huge library of platform connectors

No more plugins or third-party solutions -- maintain your customer relationships by directly providing them with the high quality integrations they need.

White Label

Perfectly part of your app

Full control of Connector Engine's visual appearance lets you make us a natural part of your own user interface.

Custom Connector

Your API has never looked so good

Our integration specialists work with you to create a connector for your API and any other platforms you need for your customers.

Billing Integration

We fit with your billing

Flexible billing integration with reports, feeds, and an API. It's our job to harmonise with the way you bill your customers.

Our Team

Access to our integration specialists

Our account managers, integration specialists, and developers are available to help ensure the success of embedding Connector Engine.

"We invested heavily in our API, but it has always sat on the cost-side of our business. It is used by developers who don't usually have a strategic budget. With Cyclr, our API is now front-end and accessible to business users who understand and appreciate the value of easy integration."
- CEO of a multi-channel marketing platform
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Our helpful team can discuss your integration project with you