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Connector Methods


Get DatasetsRetrieve all datasets - including the users and groups that have access. Action
Create DatasetCreate a Dataset. Action
Update DatasetUpdate the name of a dataset. Action
Delete DatasetDelete a dataset. Action
Add Row To DatasetAdd an item of data to a specified data set. Action


Get a DashboardRetrieve a dashboard by ID. Action
Get DashboardsRetrieve all dashboards. Action
Create DashboardCreate a Dashboard. Action
Update DashboardUpdate the contents of a dashboard. Action
Delete DashboardDeletes a Dashboard. Action


Create UserCreates a New User - if no invite code is provided this will also create a new organisation. Action
Update UserUpdates a User's Details. Action
Get UserRetrieves a User. Action
Get UsersReturns all dashboards or datasets that a specific user has access to either via a group or directly. Action
Delete UserDeletes a User. Action

Invite Codes

Get Invite CodeReturns an invite code to add other users programmatically. Action


Create ColumnCreates a Column. Action
Update ColumnUpdates a Column. Action
Get ColumnsRetrieves a dataset and the columns that belong to it. Action
Delete ColumnDeletes a column. Action
Add ColumnAdd a column to your dataset - you must create the column first. Action
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