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Pure360 Beta Features

Full list of all Pure360 Beta API methods that we provide.


Feature Description Type
Create Automation action
Create Signup Automation action
Delete Signup Automation action
Get Automation get
Get Automations get
Get Signup Automation get
Update Automation action
Update Signup Automation action


Feature Description Type
Create Campaign action
Create Resend action
Get Campaign get
Get Campaigns get
Get Resend Info get
Partially Update Campaign action
Replace Campaign action
Replace Resend action
Update Resend action


Feature Description Type
Create Component action
Delete Component action
Get Component get
Get Components get
Replace Component action
Update Component action


Feature Description Type
Create Contact Create contact. action
Export Contact as CSV Export contacts from a profile as CSV. get
Get Contact Get contact by ID from a profile. get
Get Contacts Get contacts from a profile. get
Update Contact Update contact by ID. action


Feature Description Type
Create Email Create an email. action
Create Email Bodies Create a new body for this email. action
Delete Email Delete an email. action
Delete Email Body Delete a email body. action
Get Email Get an email by ID. get
Get Email Bodies Fetch a collection of the bodies connected to this email. get
Get Email Body by ID Get a email body by ID. get
Get Emails Get group emails by profile. get
Replace Email Replace an email. action
Replace Email Body Replace a email body. action
Replace Email Body Replace the content of body part by body type. Max size of the body sent is 2 Megabytes. action
Spam Check Query spamassassin server with an email body. The email must already exist in the database, which is the source for email contents. action
Test Email Send a test email. action
Update Email Update an email. action
Update Email Body Update a email body. action
View Email Body Get a content of this body, by body type. get


Feature Description Type
Create Feedback action


Feature Description Type
Get Countries get
Get Locations get

List Data

Feature Description Type
Append List Data Append data to an existing list. get

List File Uploads

Feature Description Type
Get List File Upload Get a list file upload by ID. get
Upload List File Upload a file which will be used in list creation process. action

List Filters

Feature Description Type
Create Filter action
Delete Filter action
Export List Filter get
Get Filter get
Get List Filter Options get
Replace Filter action


Feature Description Type
Clean List Removes opted-out contacts from the current list. action
Create List Create a list. action
Delete Contact from List Deletes a contact from the list. action
Delete List Deletes a list which is not blocked in the system. action
Export List get
Get List Get a list by its ID. get
Get Lists Get lists from a profile. get
Update List Update data from the list. action


Feature Description Type
Create Email Litmus Check action
Get Email Validation get
Get Litmus Result get
Get Litmus Server Status get


Feature Description Type
Get Group Messages get

Platform Access

Feature Description Type
Get Account Information get
Get Login Details Provides access to your login details, access rights and available permissions. get
Get Profile get
Update Login Details action
Update Profile action


Feature Description Type
Get Account Preferences get
Get Preference by Type and Name get
Get Preferences get
Replace Account Preferences action
Replace Login Preferences action
Replace Profile Preference action
Update Profile Preference action


Feature Description Type
Get Profile Credit get
Get Profile Custom Field get
Get Profile Facebook get
Get Profile Filters get
Get Profile Languages get
Get Profile Users who Created Lists get


Feature Description Type
Export Performance get
Export Report get
Get Click Distribution get
Get Clicks get
Get DateAutomation by Profile get
Get DateAutomation Timeline get
Get Highlights get
Get Link Summary get
Get Opens get
Get Opens by Country get
Get Opens by Domain get
Get Opens by Location get
Get Opens Clicks Performance get
Get Opens Subject Line get
Get Performance get
Get Report Demographics get
Get Report Sent Email get
Get Report Sent Email Body get
Get Reports by ID get
Get Reports by Profile get
Get Report's Resend by ID get
Get Reports Subscribers get
Get Sent & Delivered get
Get Sent & Delivered by Domain get
Get SignupAutomation by Profile get
Get SignupAutomation Timeline get
Get Social Replies & Forwards get
Get Tracking Breakdown get
Get Tracking Breakdown by Domain get


Feature Description Type
Create Search by ID action
Delete Search by ID action
Get Search by ID get
Get Searches by Profile get
Replace Search by ID action
Update Search by ID action


Feature Description Type
Create Snippets action
Delete Snippet action
Get Snippet get
Get Snippets get
Get System Snippet by ID get
Get System Snippets get
Replace Snippet action

Support Tickets

Feature Description Type
Create Help action
Create Ticket action

Uploads Folder

Feature Description Type
Create Empty Folder or File action
Delete File action
Get File get
Get Files & Folders get
Get Uploads by Profile get
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