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I’m delighted to announce that Cyclr has been named in the CE50; a list of the brightest and most innovative creative and tech companies in England.

The CE50 is an annual report highlighting the contribution that the creative and digital industries make to our economy. Last year’s field was prestigious and incredibly diverse: it included the company that makes Channel 4’s Dispatches programme, game developers, various documentaries, and some amazing apps.

Reading over last year’s coverage in The Telegraph and The Guardian I have two immediate thoughts. First, wow; second, I am incredibly grateful that organisations like Creative England have the vision to understand what it is we’re trying to do and why it matters. Their early investment of £60,000 in Cyclr helped create high-skill jobs and cornerstone wider venture capital raises for our company.

We’re not an obviously sexy company. Our cloud app does the plumbing that connects business software and processes. We’re pure tech. We’re probably a bit boring. All of that; but, at the same time, we are part of the emergent “automation economy” and I think that speaks to the current zeitgeist about machine-to-machine communication and the impact on a future labour market.

In a time of sci-fi sounding things like self-driving cars, AI, bots, and more, I’m really happy to see Cyclr recognised for its own contribution to this transformative area of innovation.

If you’ve never heard of Cyclr before, we are a cloud-based app that connects software and services to enable integrated and automated business processes. We turn business users into programmers without telling them they’re doing it. Our users are saving wasted human capital and unlocking new value every day. They are what Gartner calls ‘citizen integrators’ and they are transforming their department, business, and redefining job roles.

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