Embedded iPaaS for SaaS

Cyclr provides an embedded integration solution for SaaS and app vendors

What is Cyclr?

Cyclr is embedded integration technology for SaaS platforms and apps, enhancing the speed and scale at which you can serve your customers’ integration needs — all natively from within your application.

Using Cyclr you unlock 500+ connectors to popular apps and services, standardize your approach to integration delivery and automate the delivery of integrations at scale. We are constantly adding to our connector library, we handle all the updates, and have developer tools that enable the creation of custom connectors.

Once your app is connected, you can use our drag and drop designer to build and publish new integrations in minutes. The integrations are served native inside your app, with our comprehensive API allowing Cyclr to sit behind your own UI/UX, or you can use our out of the box Embedded Integration Marketplace or our simple LAUNCH interface.

You can also use Cyclr within a services environment to provide solutions direct to your end-users.

The Cyclr Process - options for delivering in-app integrations
Connectivity as a service

Connectivity as a Service

It is likely you already outsource billing, messaging, helpdesk, and others, to third-party services. In so doing you have freed your team up to work on your platform’s core features; the things that differentiate you in your market, whilst being able quickly deploy ‘best-of-breed’ solutions to fill specific needs.

By using Cyclr, you can accelerate the development of your platform integrations. Cyclr greatly reduces the burden of learning about third-party applications, building plugins, or supporting custom code built against your API.

Moreover you are keeping your end-user close. Native integrations provide the best customer experience but are time consuming to build and maintain. Cyclr strengthens your arm and accelerates your integration delivery – getting you and your customers more quickly to the integration outcome you desire.

One Integration to Enable Hundreds

By integrating with Cyclr you have the ability to create and deploy integrations with any of the services in our connector library – without further code.

You will have your own connector which allows your team to build integrations in our drag-and-drop builder, publishing into your application integrations that can be activated starting with a single click. You can also use the same tools to create custom integration workflows for your users, empowering sales and customer success teams to meet user requests in an agile, timely manner – without the need for developer resources.

  • Agile Integration Deployment
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Standardized Low-Code Integration Development
  • Cross-Team Functionality
  • Centralised Management Functionality
  • SOC 2 Type II Accredited
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Explore The Layers of Integration

The Cyclr integration toolkit has a wide range of tools to enable you to provide a first class integration experience. We’ve broken them down into five areas – the Layers of Integration.

Connector Library

Connector Layer

One integration gives you the ability to connect to any of the SaaS services in our library.

Connector Layer
Cyclr Orchestration Layer

Orchestration Layer

Orchestrate data between applications using our visual toolkit, helping you create publishable integrations in no time.

Orchestration Layer

Presentation Layer

Deploy your integrations into your app with a few clicks without all the development work.

Presentation Layer
Performance Layer

Performance Layer

Ensure your users’ accounts and integrations are performing well with our range of tools for managing workflows at scale.

Performance Layer
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Harry Speedy, Head of Product & Data

"Time is a finite resource that we have, so Cyclr has enabled us to do other things with our developer resources because of the time it has saved using the toolkit. We’re able to achieve more by having a toolkit at our fingertips to be a bit more agile."
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Why Cyclr

Why Cyclr?

As the longest established Embedded iPaaS, we know integration.

Why Cyclr?
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