Cyclr provides embedded integration for SaaS and app vendors

What is Cyclr?

Cyclr is an embedded technology for SaaS platforms and apps, providing a complete solution to serve your customers’ integration needs -- all from within your application.

With a single connection to our API, you unlock 100+ integrations to popular apps and services. We are constantly adding to our connector library, we handle all the updates, and we also have developer tools that enable the creation of custom connectors.

Once your app is connected, you can use our drag and drop designer to build and publish new integrations in minutes. The integrations are served native inside your app, with our comprehensive API allowing your to design your own UI/UX.

Connectivity as a Service

It is likely you already outsource billing, messaging, helpdesk, and others, to third-party services. In so doing you have freed your team up to work on your platform’s core features; the things that differentiate you in your market, whilst being able quickly deploy ‘best-of-breed’ solutions to fill specific needs.

By using Cyclr, you can greatly accelerate the development of your platform. With integration handled by us, your team are freed of the burden of learning about third-party applications, building plugins, or supporting custom code built against your API.