Advanced Embedded iPaaS Solution for Enterprise

With Cyclr I can control and customise my entire environment and process flows, giving me integrations and data movements that are totally customised to my needs.
F J C Mazoudier, TMRW

Take Control Of Your Application Eco-System

Many Enterprises are technically literate and those Enterprises want control of their own application eco-system. Your company may not develop and sell software – but that doesn’t mean you don’t know what your doing with data, automations and workflows.

Cyclr is a toolkit to control your own eco-system. We don’t sell services or management consultants. We empower you to resolve your own integration challenges and to enhance your own organisation.

Cyclr, enables Enterprise teams by arming you with visual, interactive, tools that mean that the task of creating and deploying an integration no longer has to be a developer only task.  You can empower your organisation to choose ‘best of breed’ applications whilst having the reassurance that you can enable interoperability.

  • Empower Your Organisation To Control Integrations
  • Visual Toolkit Without The Need For Developers
  • Start With Simplicity But Grow To Complexity
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Common Enterprise Integration Questions

Cyclr’s flexible integration system lends itself to a wide range of applications and enterprises. To find out more about what Cyclr can to help you tame your company’s data make sure you get in touch to speak with our enterprise team.

Do I need a PHD in development to operate Cyclr?

No! Just common-sense and an understanding of what you are trying to achieve and how data movement can impact this. Cyclr is designed as a simplicity-first platform. That doesn’t mean that you can’t ‘geek-out’ and introduce custom script, but you don’t have to (unless you want to!).

Deal Automation

Can I use Cyclr to automate our company’s internal processes?

Absolutely. Integrations can be built between your internal systems so you can make sure data silos are a thing of the past. Pull in the data you need, perform any necessary orchestration or manipulations and place the results where they’re needed. You can even automate high volumes of data in your own private cloud architecture.

Data Enhancement

Am I limited to connecting to only Cloud SaaS applications?

No. Whilst cloud SaaS applications make up the majority of our connector library, we also provide connectors for directly accessing data sources such as SQL databases, spreadsheets, form submissions and FTP. We can even create custom on-premise connectors for for legacy applications.

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