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APIs change, things break, there’s no real standards, everyone has different rules, monitoring and debugging are hard, and customers’ connectivity needs seem to never end. Concentrate on making your app great, we'll handle the integration.

What is a connector?

We can automatically consume APIs from services like Swagger and Apiary. You can also create a simple JSON-formatted text file to map the endpoints of an API. A basic API connector can often be made in an hour. Once created, Cyclr transforms this humble file into a fully working, drag and drop API, and handles all of the usual grunge of working with APIs (authentication, paging, errors, etc) automatically.

  • Method testing
  • Rate limiting
  • Monitoring and reports
  • Paging
  • Authentication
  • Custom error handling


We’ve seen it all and support more types of authentication than we’d care to admit.


It’s quick and easy to add methods to your connector, from CRUD to webhooks.
Trigger parameters and methods

Parameters and Triggers

Your method can trigger other method calls to create lookups and more.


Working with large datasets may require paging. However you do this, we handle it.


Write custom JavaScript to handle bespoke and complex data handling and transformation.

Creating connectors

Most of the connectors in our library are a collaboration between us and the host SaaS company. If you’d like to discuss us creating a connector for you, please get in touch.

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