SaaS Integration: How do you do it?

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Are you trying to build a wider SaaS ecosystem, but finding the process complex and time-consuming?

Building in-house SaaS integrations is 1) time-consuming 2) expensive and 3) complex.

These are just a few reasons why organisations struggle to integrate with multiple other SaaS products. As well as not having enough resources to develop and maintain them. 

So, how do you do SaaS integration?

One way of solving the issue is with an external embedded iPaaS platform. They enable users to accelerate the integration-building process rapidly. Users can create API integrations that are complex and multi-step that work quickly and reliably. As well as architect the implementation for speed and scale to increase time to market. 

Integrate with multiple third-party SaaS technologies 

Third-party integrations add necessary external data to an existing project using different APIs. This means features and tools can be added quickly rather than in months if developed in-house. Helping businesses respond to the market faster. 

Integrations and integration capability are becoming an industry-standard in modern software and if you don’t have it the more likely you’ll fall behind the pack. DZone notes, “integrating with SaaS applications means providing your organisation with consistent, responsive, and secure access to services, applications, and platforms.”  

With the ability to integrate with multiple third-party applications you open up your product to a potentially huge client base, increase brand value and improve customer experience.

Build complex data workflows that combine and process multiple data sets

API integration platforms are designed to remove the complexity of integrating and make the process quick and easy. This is because the tool allows users to design, build and post integrations for their customers directly within their application. 

For example, a data workflow could be a simple data set such as syncing customer contacts from an email marketing platform to a CRM. On the other hand, they could be somewhat more complex, combining and processing multiple data sets across numerous SaaS applications. For instance, generating invoices based on financial customer data (orders or subscriptions) then triggering an email application to notify customers and finally updating the CRM.

The embedded iPaaS becomes an invisible layer within your SaaS but provides all the integration capabilities you need to develop a wider partner ecosystem. 

Accelerate time to market with new solutions and improve product competitiveness

A huge benefit of embedded iPaaS systems is that they save organisations time. Not only are builds quicker and native, but any customer requests can also be dealt with by numerous members of a team due to low code functionality. 

Before, when businesses built in-house integrations it meant piling more work onto development teams. The development team want to focus on developing the core product, and as a result, an integration backlog forms. Not only do embedded iPaaS platforms reduce this they help organisations upskill existing employees rather than fork out for more expensive developers. 

By empowering and upskilling employees to tackle integration requests an organisation’s time to market with solutions is quicker. Resulting in a sticker product and making it much more competitive.

Expand your SaaS Ecosystem with Cyclr

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