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As we are a rapidly growing SaaS, working heavily with integrations and APIs, we have produced a number of reports and resources to help others with our industry learnings.

We focus on best practices and tips and tricks to find efficiencies, as well as vital questions you need to ask yourselves to find the right direction for your projects.

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The “4C” Blueprint

The “4C” Blueprint to Integration Utopia Without Writing a Single Line of Code

14 page eBook

A guide to discover how you can develop integrations without a single line of code with a  combination of the 80:20 integration rule, the 4C’s blueprint and an embedded iPaaS.

Introduction to iPaaS, Embedded iPaaS & Integration

Integration Styles

16 page Report

Deciding that you need to improve your current integration strategy is one thing, but picking a methodology that is best for your situation is another. So in order to help you discover and select your path to integration success we have created our “Introduction to iPaaS, Embedded iPaaS and Integration” report.

API Report Cover

Building Integration First APIs to help with your Digital Transformation Strategy

API Design

21 page Report

So you’re looking to build an API for your SaaS, or optimise your existing API for integrations, but where do you start? We have created a report focusing on what your options are when designing and building your API, including features you can include to improve efficiency when it comes to integrating with external services.

Scoping an Integration report cover

Scoping an Integration Report

Integration Building

17 page Report

How do you go from deciphering what they’re asking for to designing and building a fully functioning integration that meets their needs? Well our Integration Scoping report is here to help you interpret your users’ requests and what to look for in the APIs you need to work with.

Low Code Marketing Platform

Introduction to Low Code Infographic

What are Low Code Platforms?


Take a look at some of the key concepts around what makes Low Code platforms and what their benefits are.

Integration Testing

What is Integration Testing? An Infographic

What Options are Available for Integration Testing


Testing integrations is a vital final step of the development process, but what options are available?

Citizen Integrator Building with Low Code/No Code Tools

What are Citizen Integrators Inforgraphic

Citizen Integrators


The rise of low code platforms is bringing with it a wave of new Citizen Integrators – but what are they and what areas do they work in?

See how our Customers are using Cyclr

Cyclr’s embedded iPaaS is used in a wide range of ways, by an even wider variation of businesses.

Learn about how companies are implementing Cyclr to help them speed up creating and delivering automations for their users, as well as for optimising their own internal processes.

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