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Private Cloud

From $3,999
per month
TenancyShared Infrastructure (US or UK)Shared Infrastructure (US or UK)Single tenancy - custom
infrastructure costs paid separately
Connectors Included31010
Additional Connectors$100 per Connector per Month$100 per Connector per Month$100 per Connector per Month
Included Monthly Tasks500,0001 MillionConfigurable
Additional Tasks per Month$75 per 100,000 Tasks$75 per 100,000 TasksN/A
Max Concurrent Processes2550Configurable
Max. Cycle 'Poll' Frequency15 Minutes5 MinutesConfigurable
LAUNCH / OrbitTickTickTick
Cyclr API Access for Custom UI-TickTick
Create Custom Connectors-TickTick
Private Cloud Performance Support--Tick
Multiple Private Clouds--Negotiable
Application SupportEmailEmailAccount Manager
ContractOnline T's and C'sOnline T's and C'sEnterprise Agreement
Renewal periodMonthlyQuarterly Annual
BillingCredit Card / InvoiceCredit Card / InvoiceInvoice
Onboarding CostDependent on business stage*Dependent on business stage*$10,000
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Onboarding Costs

Start-UpsEstablished BusinessesLarge Enterprise

Have some questions? We’ve got you…

Below are some common questions about Cyclr and terms used in our features. If you have any questions not answered below feel free to get in touch.

What is a Connector?

A Connector is a standardised interface with an API. By using Connectors in the Cyclr application you can rapidly create integrations between applications. Each plan has a number of Connectors included. In the Start Up plan three connectors would include the Connector to your application plus Connectors to two other third-party applications.

See more information on Connectors HERE.

Do I get charged every time a Connector is used by a customer?

No. You get charged once per month for each active Connector used in your account. Each Connector can be used in unlimited workflows and by unlimited users. Simply put you can have 1, 10, 100 or >1,000 users using a Connector and it will not vary the subscription price. When a Connector is no longer actively being used then it will be removed from your billing and your subscription will reduce.

What if I want a Connector you don't currently have in your library?

We are here to help you. Our library is every growing (see our existing Connectors HERE) however our team are happy to accelerate the development of a particular Connector you require. We will liaise with you over your requirements and there will be a one-off fee for the creation of the Connector that will be agreed in advance with you. Connectors are sized by development effort from Small to Large.

Is it really Unlimited Users and Unlimited Cycles?

Yes. Our primary axis for subscription is to charge per active Connector deployed. Subject to any Task limits, in the Start Up and Growth plans, you can have as many customers or Cycles operational in your account as you like.

What is a Cycle?

A Cycle is our term for a workflow.

See more information on Cycles HERE.

What is a Task?

A Task is an API request. A Cycle that gets information from one application and transfers it to another application, using two single API requests, would use two Tasks. The amount of data in each Task is determined by your configuration of the cycle and the APIs in use in the Cycle.

Your Task allowance covers all integrations run by yourselves and your users, being reset monthly.

What happens if I go over my specified Task limit?

No problem at all. Most clients on our Growth and Start Up plans operate well within the specified limits. If, however, you go over the limit then we will bill you at the published rates for the incremental Tasks you use. This will be added to your next month’s subscription and reviewed monthly. Should you be in a position when you are regularly operating with high levels of Tasks we would be delighted to explore a dedicated Private Cloud instance with you that can be customised to your requirements.

What are Concurrent Processes?

Our Start Up and Growth Plans are inclusive of hosting in a shared environment. We manage the number of concurrent processes that can be processed by one customer at any one time to prevent any one client dominating the infrastructure. Effectively the concurrent Process limit is indicative of the maximum number of Tasks you can have processing in parallel at any one time. A ‘25’ or ‘50’ limit means that you can have a maximum number of 25 or 50 Tasks processing simultaneously. As soon as any Task is processed then your next Task is submitted for processing.

How long does it take to process a Task?

The time taken to process a Task is dependent upon a number of different factors including: the amount of information in a Task and the responsiveness of the third party applications in the Cycle (including any rate limiting they may have). Task processing time can be as quick as <1 second but may take up to 15 minutes in some instances. Cyclr is optimised to process your Tasks as quickly as possible based upon the limitations of any Cycles you have in place. If you need to meet a certain level of latency then we would be happy to explore a Private Cloud license with you and support you to set-up infrastructure customised to your specific business requirements.

What is Maximum Cycle poll frequency?

Cycles can be triggered by either being ‘pushed’ to start (e.g. via webbook) which triggers a Cycle as soon as the push is received, or by setting the Cycle to ‘look’ for information – also known as ‘polling’. The Maximum Cycle poll frequency is a limit on how often you can set a Cycle to poll/look for new information.


The quickest way to provide embedded integration to your users is by using LAUNCH; our ready-made (and configurable) integration deployment system that works on top of your application. A modal can be called from a click of a button in your app, walking your users through authentication, setup and activation of integration templates.

Orbit gives your users an integration management screen, so they can control and manage their integrations.

See more information on Launch/Orbit HERE.



What is Cyclr API access for Custom UI?

You can create your own integration experience for your users by developing with our API.

Our API is extremely flexible, allowing your development team to create new bespoke experiences that fit your business model and styling.

See more information on Custom UIs and our API HERE.

What are Custom Connectors and do I have to pay for any Custom Connectors I've created?

A Customer Connector is a Connector that you yourself create within Cyclr. We provide you with the tools to expedite the Connector creation process.

No. We don’t charge for any Custom Connectors you create yourself as you take-on the burden of build, management and maintenance of Custom Connectors.

See more information on Custom Connectors HERE.

What is Private Cloud Performance Support?

When you take our Private Cloud subscription you are running a dedicated Private Cloud instance of Cyclr. Our team will provide you with advice in resourcing and managing the environment to meet the performance targets you set.

What are Multiple Private Clouds?

Some customers require multiple private deployments of Cyclr as a result of the way in which they themselves supply their own customers. Typically in very large scale B2B deployments. We are happy to support multiple Private Cloud deployments and can price according to requirements.

What is an Onboarding Process and what is involved?

In order to get going with Cyclr there are a discrete number of processes that need to take place:

We need to create a Connector to your application

We need to provide you (and your team) with initial training

We need to follow-up with best practise workflow assessment sessions

In order to do this we charge a one-off Onboarding Fee, the fee is determined by the size and complexity of your organisation. We will happily provide details of the sessions provided as part of your sign-up process.

Do you offer a Free Trial?

Yes and No. We offer a Development and Evaluation license for a one-off fee and a subsequent 60 day free-trial. Cyclr is an important application within anyone’s integration infrastructure and it is important to us that anyone trialling the application is treated in the same way that we would treat a customer. In order to get full use of the Cyclr platform we need to create a Connector to your application, provide you with initial training and follow-up with best-practise workflow reviews. You then get 60 days free access to the Cyclr platform. Following this free-trial period you can then either convert to a paid subscription or walk away with no further obligation.

The cost of the Development and Evaluation License is equivalent to our Onboarding Fee. If you become a subscribing customer after the Development and Evaluation process then there is no Onboarding Fee payable.

For more information on our Development and Evaluation license contact us HERE.

Do you offer discounts for registered charities?

Yes. We would be happy to discuss a discount for registered charities or educational establishments.