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Create Bespoke ConnectorsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Pre-Made Connectors Included210Negotiable
Included Monthly TasksUp To 500,000Up To 500,000Negotiable
Fully Configurable UI/UXTickTickTick
Simplified UI/UX LAUNCH / OrbitTickTickTick
Email SupportTickTickTick
Account Manager--Tick
Private Hosting--Available
BillingCredit CardCredit Card / InvoicingInvoicing
Additional Pre-Made Connectors$100 per Connector per Month$100 per Connector per MonthNegotiable
Host Connector Creation$500$500Included
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Have some questions? We’ve got you…

Below are some common questions about Cyclr and terms used in our features. If you have any questions not answered below feel free to get in touch!

Can I pay for an annual subscription rather than monthly?

Yes! We can arrange annual billing by invoice for you. Just get in contact with us and we can explore your options.

Are your monthly packages over a fixed term?

No! We don't tie you into a long contract, you pay month-to-month via credit card. We can offer fixed annual contracts, contact us if this is of interest.

Do I have to pay for any custom connectors I've created?

No! We don't charge for any connectors you have created.

Do you offer discount for registered charities?

Yes! We offer a 30% discount for registered charities.

Can I use a developer account for production data?

No, we provide developers with enough tasks to evaluate and set up Cyclr, however these tasks are not available for production data.

What is a host connector?

A host connector is your API setup in Cyclr. Once your application is available in Cyclr you can create workflows with any other connector, or even between points of your own internal API, to automate processes.

What if I want a connector you don't have?

Cyclr includes all of the necessary tools to create your own connectors, just hop over to our documentation and follow our guides.

We also can create them for you, so if this is of interest just get in touch!

What is a bespoke connector?

Bespoke connectors are connectors you have created within the Cyclr platform. If you require connectivity to a service that we don't currently support you can use our tools to create it yourself or contact us to build it for you.

What are monthly tasks?

We class Tasks as movements of data and data transformations within Cyclr. Retrieving data does not eat into your task allowance.

Your task allowance covers all integrations run by yourselves and your users, being reset monthly. It can be increased if necessary, just get in touch!

What is a fully configurable UI/UX?

You can create your own integration experience for your users by developing with our API.

Our API is extremely flexible, allowing your development team to create new bespoke experiences that fit your business model and styling.

What is simplified UI/UX LAUNCH / Orbit?

The quickest way to provide embedded integration to your users is by using LAUNCH; our ready made (and configurable) integration deployment system that works on top of your application. A modal can be called from a click of a button in your app, walking your users through authentication, setup and activation of integration templates.

Orbit gives your users an integration management screen, so they can control & manage their integrations.

What happens if I go over my 500,000 task limit?

No problem at all. You have 500,000 tasks per month included in your plan. Most clients on our Business and Start-Up plans operate well within these limits. If, however, you go over the limit then we will bill you at a rate of $50 (or equivalent) per 50,000 incremental tasks. This will be added to your next month’s subscription and reviewed monthly. Should you be in a position when you are regularly operating with high levels of tasks we would be delighted to explore a dedicated Private Hosting instance with you that can be customised to your requirements.

What is a pre-made connector?

Pre-made connectors are all of the connectors you'll see in our connector library. We curate and maintain these connectors, so you can focus on building integrations between them and your service.