Start building today, no credit card required

Our developer tools are free to use and come with all our API connectors.
Only pay once you are ready to move to production.

What is a task?

We class a task usage as being each time we move a piece of data or take an action.

A request for data from an API and usage of logic steps are free, an action that does something (updates data, creates an action within the target app, etc...) count as a task.

What is classed as a Premium connector?

Most connectors are classed as standard, however some more complex connectors are classed as Premium. Contact us for more information.

Can I pay for an annual subscription rather than monthly?

Yes! We can arrange annual billing by invoice for you. Just get in contact with us and we can explore your options.

Are your monthly packages over a fixed term?

No! We don't tie you into a long contract, you pay month-to-month via credit card. We can offer fixed annual contracts, contact us if this is of interest.

Can I use developer tasks for production data?

No, we provide developers with enough tasks to evaluate and set up Cyclr, however these tasks are not meant for production data.

Do I have to pay for any custom connectors I've created?

No! We don't charge for any connectors you have created, just the Tasks they use.

Do you offer discount for registered charities?

Yes! We offer a 30% discount for registered charities.