Benefits of Embedded iPaaS

Integration for apps and SaaS at 10x speed

Transform integration delivery from a problem into an opportunity

The desire to connect applications, automate processes, and sync data, is seemingly never ending. It is no longer enough to simply have an API; easy integration with other services is now a key purchase influencer for users.

Your application cannot exist in isolation and how you address this directly impacts your long term ability to win and retain customers.

API Connectors - Cyclr has over 500 Available

Why use an Integration Management Platform?

Integration isn’t easy, let us help you:

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Transform your API from backend to frontend, from developer focused to user focused. Deliver integrations natively within your own application and add value to your end-users.

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Faster Delivery

Add connectivity in days, not months. So you can add transformative technology to your system in no time at all. Be responsive to the needs of clients and your sales team.

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No Code Integrations

Use our drag and drop integration builder to create template integrations, then click to publish them to your app. Your users can then search and deploy these integrations in a couple of clicks.

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New Revenue Opportunities

Turn your API into a revenue generator. Should you choose you can use Cyclr to deliver integrations as a value-add feature and push users up through your price plans.

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Reduce Churn

Customers who have integrated with your platform should have higher satisfaction rates and be less likely to leave.

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Gain Control

Don’t rely on third party applications to resolve integration, it breaks the continuity of your relationship and risks exposure to competitors.

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Stick To What You Know

Let your dev team spend more time developing your program. Don’t let delivering integrations become a core development process inhibitor, Cyclr can facilitate a smoother process.

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Minimise Support Backlog

We ensure our Connectors are kept up to date, so your support team can focus on your users’ experience and never worry about third-party API/plugin fragmentation again.

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Let your users enjoy your system by reducing friction; give them a system that allows them to automate repetitive tasks.

Code-Free API Access

Empower your team with the tools to build fully integrated automation workflows in minutes.

Provide fully categorized and searchable pre-made integrations to fit your users’ needs.

Give your users the ability to set up automation workflows in a matter of clicks, with no technical assistance required. Just tell the platform where you want your data to go to and you’re all set!

Workflow between your SaaS, ActiveCampaign and Google Sheets to log new deals

Connector Ecosystem

Integrate your product with 500+ applications in our Connector Library.
Connector Ecosystem
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Orchestration Layer

Build your integrations with drag & drop, in our low-code integration builder.
Orchestration Layer
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