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Boost your Existing Integration Strategy

Great SaaS enabler for providing out of the box integrations.
Bisser Ivanov, Kanbanize

Boost Your Team’s Efficiency And Responsiveness. Standardise Integrations.

As an established SaaS platform you likely already have an integration strategy in place. Most likely you have self-created your most valuable integrations in-house and drawn a line at ‘X’ integrations whereby your end-user is pointed to your API or an off-platform integration solution.

Managing an eco-system of native integrations, whilst beneficial to the end-user, can be time consumptive for development teams. Moreover you risk having dozens of custom ‘bridges’, all built slightly different from one to the other.

This is where Cyclr can help you to boost your integration coverage while cutting your development and maintenance costs. Alongside your existing strategy, you will be able to deliver more native, custom branded, integrations in a standardised form.

You can also take integration outside of the development team and empower your customer success/product teams with a drag and drop integration builder. Integration can be overseen by development but deployed by commercial. Responding to, and delivering, integration request can become a shared task.

  • Standardise Integration Creation
  • Handle Mass-Customisation Of Integrations
  • Agile, Responsive Integration Toolkit
  • Amplify Your Native Integration Suite
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Three ways: Amplification (300+ out of the box integrations), Standardisation (all integrations treated equally) and Reduction in Engineering Overhead (sophisticated toolkit with pre-built components).