Connector Creation Toolkit

Fully featured Connector creation toolkit

If you need to work with an application not currently in our Connector Library you can either commission us to build you it, or we can offer a fully featured Connector creation toolkit to enable you to build your own.

Our connector creation toolkit standardises the approach to building connectivity and is enables you to build and design your connectors through specification, setting the necessary parameters and methods you require in a form based layout.

If the API in question has an OpenAPI specification then the process can be eased even further using our automatic Connector generator.

  • Connect to any system
  • Build by specification
  • Generate connectors from OpenAPI specification
  • Support for wide range of Authentication types built in
Custom and Empty Connector options

Automatically Generate Connectors

If you have an OpenAPI (Swagger) specification for your required application available, Cyclr can ease the creation process by importing it to generate the basis of a new custom connector.

Just select or point to your file, make any customisations to your connector and then publish so you can begin to build integrations with it in our low-code integration builder.

Popular API connectors available in Cyclr's Connector Library

Want someone else to build a Connector for you?

We have a dedicated Connector team who build and maintain Connectors for our partners. If you need a specific connector built for an application we can deliver it to you as a service.

We build the Connector based on your particular use-case to ensure the cost and delivery times are kept low, as well as ensuring it is kept up to date as the systems you connect to evolve.

Other Ways to Connect with your Data

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Universal Connectors

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Connector Library

With over 400 Connectors in our library, our selection to integrate with is ever growing.

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Webhook Connectors

Trigger your integrations when an external action is taken with our Webhook Connectors and methods.

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