Integrate HubSpot

Provide your users with in-app integration with HubSpot


HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers.

Connector Methods


Feature Description Type
Create Contact Create a new contact inside HubSpot. Action
Update Contact Updates a contact inside HubSpot. Action
Create or Update Contact Creates or updates a contact inside HubSpot. If the email address supplied is a duplicate it will update that contact, otherwise it will create a new one. Action
Delete Contact Delete an existing contact from a particular HubSpot portal. Action
Get Contact by Email Get a contact by email address from this HubSpot portal. Action
Get All Contacts Get all the contacts from this HubSpot portal. Action
Get Contact Get a contact by Id from this HubSpot portal. Action


Feature Description Type
Create Company Create a company in HubSpot. Action
Update Company Update a company in HubSpot. Action
Delete Company Delete a company from HubSpot. Action
Add Contact to Company Associate a given contact to a company. If a contact is already associated to a different company, the contact will be added to the new company. A contact can only be associated to one company. Action
Remove Contact from Company Remove a contact from a company. Once complete the contact will not be associated to any company. Action
Get Company Contacts Get a list of contacts from a company in HubSpot. Action
Get Recent Companies Returns a list of all companies sorted by the date the companies were created. Action


Feature Description Type
Create Deal Create a deal inside HubSpot. Action
Update Deal Update a deal inside HubSpot. Action
Get Deal Get a deal from HubSpot. Action
Get Recent Deals Get recently created deals from HubSpot. Action


Feature Description Type
Get Campaign Data For a given campaign, return data associated with the campaign. Action
Get Campaign IDs For a given portal, return campaign IDs with recent activity associated with the portal. The campaign IDs are returned in descending order of most-recent activity. You can then use the IDs to look up data on the perfomance of each campaign. Action


Feature Description Type
Get Keywords Returns a list of keywords from HubSpot. Action


Feature Description Type
Get Blog Post by ID Gets a blog post by ID. Action
List Blog Posts List all blog posts for a HubSpot account. Action

Contact Lists

Feature Description Type
Get Contact Lists Get the contact lists from this HubSpot portal. Action
Add Contacts to a List Adds a contact or contacts to a list. Action
Create Contact List Creates a new static contact list. Action


Feature Description Type
Get All Engagements Get all the engagements from this HubSpot portal. Action
Get New Engagements Get all the new engagements since the last time this request was successfully run Action


Feature Description Type
Get All Owners Get all the contacts from this HubSpot portal. Action
Get Owner Get an owner by Id Action

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