Reduce friction in integration delivery.
Empower your team.

Delivering native integrations is commercially critical - but a task often fraught with development headaches .
Cyclr makes you more agile, standardizes integrations and amplifies your eco-system.

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Enhance your native integration delivery capabilities.

Cyclr provides you with a scalable connectivity framework that can enhance your existing ecosystem. 

Features include: easy low-code tools to design and build integrations, a single pane of glass over your integration environment, an API to let you create any UI/UX you like and simple tools to LAUNCH and deliver integrations directly from inside your SaaS application

Why Cyclr?

Built for SaaS

Engineered for growth SaaS and software companies.

White Labelled Application icon

A white-labelled native integration platform that reduces friction in your tech stack.


SOC 2 Type II accredited - Cyclr is compliant, safe and secure.

Up to Date

Cyclr increases agility and reduces time to market.

Drag and Drop

Low-code interface can enable non-development teams to deliver integrations should you so choose.

Application connectors

Immediate access to 500+ Connectors.

Scalable Infrastructure

Scalable self-hosted options.

API Connectors

Integration amplification >500 connectors

Cyclr gives you immediate connectivity to 500+ other APIs - without coding. Access a growing library of API connectors with no further development effort.

Cyclr provides a complete abstraction layer between APIs, reducing your development and maintenance effort significantly.

Can’t see what you need? Commission us to build it - or use our tools to build your own connections.

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“The support really needs to be screamed and shouted about because the time you have to work through any of our questions or issues we may have is really what sold Cyclr to us, and a big reason why we haven’t looked anywhere else.”

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Luke Brewin, Force24

Remove friction and provide a seamless embedded experience

Seamlessly embed our integrations natively into your existing user experience. Cyclr’s own API is easy to use and allows you to maintain your own UI/UX. It is our goal to be completely invisible to your users.

Alternatively you can deploy our out of the box Embedded Marketplace or LAUNCH functionality. A toolkit with a super-simple set-up process for end-users that negates the need (should you choose) for you to deploy your own UX.

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Embedded Experience
Compliance - SOC2


Cyclr is SOC2 Type II accredited and GDPR compliant. As an organisation we take data security and compliance very seriously. We regularly undertake both external and internal assessment of our processes and procedures.

We also understand your potential Enterprise needs. Speak to us about our ability to deploy into your own hosted environment.

Security and Compliance

Reduce the hassle with centralized integration management

APIs change, things break, users get annoyed and it’s not your fault; we take the pain out of working with third-party APIs. We are continuously adding, extending, and updating our library of connectors, so you can focus on adding features to your core platform.

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Building an Integration

Low-code can free-up your dev resource

Build your own custom integrations with our low-code, drag and drop integration workflow builder. Transform your API into something visual, front-end and code free that can be used throughout your team. Our builder can even be used to create automations built entirely on-top of your API.

Learn about integration design tools


Cyclr can enable you to roll-out a standardized process for design and configuration of integration workflows and automations.

Transfer of knowledge across personnel becomes easier and the days of fragile, custom built, workflows are behind you.

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Template Integration Release

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