One platform to connect them all

Automate sales, marketing, support, billing, and more

API integration, just drag and drop

Cyclr connects all your cloud apps, transforming them into a powerful integrated platform.

  • Sync app data
  • Trigger features
  • Multistep workflows
  • Combine many apps
  • Branching and timers


About Cyclr

Cyclr is made by a dedicated team of talented developers and founders based on the south coast of England. We care about our users and want to help them transform their businesses.

Most of the time we’re based at Cohub, check us out and say hello.

Latest blog post

  • Citizen Integrator

The Citizen Integrator and the Rise of IPaaS

The citizen integrator is a domain specialist, without a programming background, who can use tools (and not code) to integrate and extend business software applications.


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