Integration Management

Manage Your Users' Accounts and Integration Usage

The need for control

Cyclr enables you to manage your users’ accounts, integration usage and performance at scale.

Designed with an intelligent ‘top-down’ approach, your Cyclr partner account enables you to analyze, query and then drill into your account’s usage data, showing you details about what integrations are in use and how they are performing.

What Integration Management Tools Are Available?

Your Cyclr Console has a full range of tools for managing users’ accounts, connectors and integration templates. Here are a few of them:

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Explore Your Dashboard

Your Cyclr Console dashboard provides you with daily usage statistics; click on a day and view the breakdown across individual user accounts.

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Filter & Sort Data

Explore usage and error rate data across accounts with our one-click filters and search features.

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Usage Notifications

Be alerted when your tasks are running out so you can add more to your account or manage usage.

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Connector Reporting

Understand what connectors are popular with your users and monitor active installs across all accounts.

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Error Handling Functions

Drill into flagged transactions to identify what has caused an error.

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Remote Authentication Capture

Generate secure links where users can authenticate connectors if you are running Cyclr in a services environment.

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Audit Trails

Build and deploy new integrations as a team, so you can see who has done what.

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Template Versioning

Iterate your integration workflows with full version management.

Customer Success Opportunities Through Integration

Not all integration templates have to be published into your SaaS platform. You can use the same tools to run Cyclr in a services environment and create bespoke workflows for users, installing them directly into their account in Cyclr.

Customer Success teams can manually install and customize integration templates from your library, or make new workflows from scratch.

What’s more, you also have the tools to allow your users to remotely authenticate any connector used in their custom workflow without them having to share credentials.

Learn About Service Led Deployment

List of integration template and how they can be toggled published/unpublished

Provide In-App, Self-Serve Integrations

Your integration templates can also be shared in your content marketing and be displayed on your website.

How you expose these template integrations to your users is up to you, but we have several Integration Delivery options available.

Integration Delivery
Popular API connectors available in Cyclr's Connector Library
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