Service Led Deployment

Offer Your Users Bespoke Integration Builds as a Service

Fulfil Custom Integration Requirements - Zero Development Required

Cyclr’s integration Console provides the ability to create both standardized and bespoke integrations. Use our drag and drop integration builder to enable your wider team to create custom workflows for individual customers faster, and more effectively, than ever before.

With in-built tools to enable your users to authenticate their applications, Cyclr helps your team work securely whilst remaining invisible to your customer.

Workflow between your SaaS, ActiveCampaign and Google Sheets to log new deals
List of integration template and how they can be toggled published/unpublished

Open Up New Revenue Opportunities

Custom built integrations can offer you a new revenue stream. Moreover, Cyclr’s low code architecture transforms integration building from being a developer task to one that can also be achieved by support, customer success and even marketing teams.

So you no longer necessarily need to divert developer resources to be able to fulfill your users automation requirements

Modify Existing Integration Templates or Create Entirely New Workflows

Integration templates give you a repeatable build-once methodology, providing scalability and reliability. A template becomes an active integration once installed by a user. However, if another user requires a particular flavor of a template, or even extensions, you can build them a custom version using a copy of an existing template.

Integration workflow between TikTok and MailChimp after a new lead has been created
Customer Accounts in Cyclr Console

Manage User Integrations in their own Custom Accounts

To ensure all integrations and authentications are separate and secure, each of your users is automatically associated with a dedicated account within Cyclr. Integrations can be added to their accounts automatically, through installing an in-app integration using an interface such as our Embedded Marketplace, or you can build custom integrations directly inside their account.

These integrations will be unique to each particular user.

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