Hosted or private cloud, Cyclr offers a full integration stack

A complete solution for SaaS connectivity

Our connectivity framework makes it easy to bridge your app to 300+ others. You can then use our design tools to quickly build and publish new integrations, that are then executed by our scalable execution layer.

Cyclr API

API used to build UI/UX in the host app to expose a connector library, template integrations, integration setup, and design tools.

The Cyclr API

Design Tools

Drag and drop integration builder and other tools. Used by the host app to create and publish template integrations or by end users to create custom integrations.

Design Tools

Connectivity Framework

Components dealing with the connector of the host API to third-party APIs.

Connectivity Framework

Execution Layer

Creation, scheduling, and execution of users' integrations.

The execution layer

Take a look under the hood

We have assembled an ever growing resource of documentation to help you find out how Cyclr works, how it will work with your application, what opportunities it opens up for you and how to go about integrating it with your SaaS application.