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Connect your SaaS to Anything in our Application Connector Library

Application Connectors - Connecting your SaaS with a Growing Ecosystem of Applications

Cyclr’s range of Application Connectors gives you the easiest way to integrate between SaaS platforms and data sources. Each connector provides you with a range of actions and methods you can use to build your integrations – all through our drag-and-drop integration builder.

Connectors are ‘intelligent’ and handle all rules around authorisation, paging, API rate-limits and ETL Data transformation.

Our dedicated connector team is available to build connectors to SaaS applications not currently in our library. Or, should you choose, with the right subscription you can build them yourself with our Custom Connector Creation toolkit or Generic Utility Connectors.

Popular API connectors available in Cyclr's Connector Library
  • Over 500+ applications currently supported
  • Standardised integration building
  • Built-in authentication management

What Types of Application Connectors are there?

No two SaaS platforms or APIs are the same – but all of our Connectors are standardised. Regardless of the type of API, our Application Connectors will enable you to move data between one or more applications with ease.

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Multi-Use Connectors

Set Connectors once and use the multiple times so they can be reusable Application Connectors for all of your users' integration requirements.
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Configurable Connectors

Install multiple individual versions of these connectors, configuring them to match a specific data set such as a table, database or form.
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Enhance external applications with data from your connected applications. Our plugins can offer additional functionality on top of functions within the host platforms.
Connectivity Tool Suite

Combine SaaS Application Connectors with Logic Tools and Utility Connectors to Create Advanced Integrations

Our range of Logic Tools and Utility Connectors give you powerful drag-and-drop functions to use in conjunction with our Application Connectors.

Use these tools together to build advanced, value-adding cloud integrations which your users can self-serve from within your SaaS application.

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Cyclr users can also benefit from these other Connector types:

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Utility Connectors

Add advanced functionality into your integration workflows all through drag and drop.

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Universal Connectors

Connect to any data source with our universal connectors – add your data fields and go!

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Database Connectors

Directly work with data inside the databases you use with Cyclr’s database connectors.

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