API Driven Data on Demand

Flexible Proxy API to Enable In-App Integration and External Data Access

A Single API to Access all of your External Application Data

The Cyclr API is commonly used to deliver an advanced, user friendly, custom integration experience sitting behind your existing SaaS style and UI. 

However the Cyclr API is also extensible to act as a proxy for working with data in external SaaS applications in a uniform way. You can even drive Cyclr directly through a few API calls, so you can perform more advanced data processing before the data enters your application.

  • Uniform Developer Experience
  • Proxy API to over 500+ Applications
  • Drive Cyclr via our API
  • Competitor Data Transfer Service
  • Synchronous Webhooks
Integration workflow demonstrating how data can move from your SaaS ActiveCampaign and Google Sheets

Data On Demand - Bringing External Data into your SaaS Application

Cyclr’s API can act as an API proxy; giving you a single API to connect and bring data into your application from over 500+ SaaS platforms. 

Our proxy API enables you to interact with all of these services in a uniform way. Taking advantage of our SaaS Connectors, which already handle authentication, rate limiting, endpoint mapping and more. Developers can concentrate on creating the calls to access the data you need without worrying about the development overhead.

Data On Demand enables you to bring data from external applications directly into your application. So you can supercharge your UI by enabling users to select records from a drop down, bring relevant external data into your databases, enrich data within your application and trigger integration processes.

Further Proxy API Use Cases

As well as being a single API gateway to a wide range of external data sources you can drive Cyclr directly via our API.

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Trigger Cyclr Integrations

Trigger integrations directly via our API, enabling you to create UI which runs an integration only when a user action is taken.

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Synchronous Webhooks

Our Synchronous Webhooks trigger full integration processes which directly feed data back into your application with minimal API calls.

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Drill Down into Data

Provide your users with a list of deals from their CRM via our proxy API. It will bring in data for you to display and process in your SaaS application.

Interactive API Documentation to Aid Development

The Cyclr API is fully documented using OpenAPI (Swagger Docs), so you can explore and directly test endpoints within the documentation.

Add your API credentials to make live calls to thoroughly test your use case before building it into your SaaS application. 

We also have a wide range of documentation and guides to help you get up and running.

Get, Post, Put and Delete actions/endpoints for APIs
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