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Provide Integration Services to your Clients

With drag and drop functionality you are able to custom build your cycles in no time and the preset cycles make that tasks even easier. It goes beyond cloud apps and is able to tackle the most complicated infrastructures. It is simply amazing!
Nicholas Menelaou, Cloud Essentials

A Visual Integration Toolkit to Empower System Integrators

You know that creating and maintaining a wide range of integrations for your clients is a time consuming and complex task. Building integrations between legacy systems, enterprise systems and ever evolving modern SaaS platforms means that SIs have to be experts in a large software ecosystem.

Cyclr gives you a console where you can manage all of your clients integration and automation needs under a repeatable, standardised, visual methodology. You can either manage Cyclr centrally or deploy Cyclr for individual clients. Either way Cyclr will accelerate your solution development, making you more efficient whilst you retain 100% of the services revenue. Our role is to provide you with a powerful toolkit.

  • 300+ Connectors Out Of The Box
  • Create Your Own Custom Connectors
  • Deploy Centrally Or Per Client
  • Low-Code Drag-and-Drop Integration Builder
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How Cyclr makes system integrators’ lives easier

As well as giving you a standardised way of creating integrations, the Cyclr platform includes many more features that will help you meet, or exceed, your customers’ integration requirements. Whether that be custom connectors, per-client deployment, API enhancement or more.

Do I need my own application to serve integrations?

No. When you create integrations in Cyclr you don’t necessarily have to publish them to an application at all. Your integrations can be directly deployed into ring-fenced accounts, which you can set up for your clients without any development required from your side.

Over 250 Connectors Available

What should I do if I need to make an integration with a service you don’t have a connector for?

While our connector library is growing, we know that there are thousands of SaaS applications available. Either we will build them for you, or you can use the inbuilt tools to build your own.

Accelerate in-app integrations in your startup

Is there a portal I can give my customers access to?

Yes. You have the ability to add your own stylings and branding to your end user accounts and login page, where your users can access their integrations directly. You don’t necessarily need to give your customers access to their integrations, you can manage them without having to provide access.

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