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11th October 2018

When it comes to putting together a SaaS software stack our ethos has always been to focus on our core expertise and use best of breed third party applications for situational requirements.

In the same way our integration solution slots into your SaaS stack we use a range of applications to manage all aspects of our business.

So, in the name of transparency, we are listing what we use, how we use them and what we do with the data within each of them.


ChargebeeChargebee is a scalable billing service for subscription services. Chargebee helps us manage this in a seamless, user friendly fashion.

Learn about Chargebee’s security measures here.



ZendeskIn order to provide support to our users in app we use a ticketing service provided by Zendesk. Ticket creation ensures that no question or query is left behind, being served by the right people in the know.

Tickets create an open dialogue between our users and our support team, so we can get to the bottom of any issues you may be facing.

Zendesk’s data protection measures are available here.


AWSOur shared server options are hosted on AWS. We have multiple locations available to host your data, including options in the USA and Europe.

Find out more about AWS’s data protection and processing policies here.

AWSTo enhance scaling and data security in the cloud we use

Find out about’s GDPR measures here.


You can also read about our marketing stack here.

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Daniel Twigg

With over 10 years experience in the Digital Marketing arena, covering industries including IoT, SaaS, fitness, computer gaming and music, Daniel has been Cyclr's marketing manager from the early days of the platform.