Webhook/Event Triggered Connectors

Trigger Realtime Integrations with Webhook Connectors

Webhooks enable Cyclr to trigger automation workflows and integrations automatically once an action has taken place in an integration’s source application.

Cyclr can be used to just process the incoming packet of data from the webhook, passing and transforming it into any application in our connector library, or to trigger deeper integrations, gathering and placing data from multiple locations and applications.

Cyclr can also automatically set Webhook URLs, so your customers don’t have to set it up. Just install your integration and it’ll all be set.

  • Realtime integrations
  • Only run when an external action is taken
  • Automatically set your Webhook URLs
  • Two-way sync webhooks

Synchronous Webhooks

Typical Webhooks just send data one way – great for triggering events but not so good for requesting data.

Cyclr have two-way sync Webhooks available to their users, so they can trigger an automation workflow with a traditional Webhook, perform a process or transformation in Cyclr, then receive data back into your application or desired location.

What else can Cyclr's Webhooks do?

On top of enabling you to create dynamic integration workflows, our Webhooks also have some additional features baked into them.

Auto Setup

Our Webhooks can automatically set their Webhook URLs to ease setup.

Custom Fields

Webhooks can be created to manage custom data and fields out of the box.


You can POST data in Webhook format to any other workflow, application or system.

Combine Webhook Connectors with any other Connector in our library

Trigger your workflows with a Webhook connector method and combine or place the incoming data with any other application in our library.

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