Database Connectors

Directly read from/write to data in your databases

Sometimes you’ll want to add and edit data directly inside a database. With Cyclr’s database connectors you can do just that.

Get data from external sources and update records or full tables, or get data from your tables to push into your applications.

You can define the data structure and work with a wide range of databases, including MySQL, Microsoft SQL, MongoDB and PostgreSQL.

  • Work directly with database data
  • GET or POST data
  • Automate database maintenance
AWS and Microsoft Azure Private Cloud Instances

Your server or Cloud service provider, we've got you covered

As well as offering dedicated connectors for your own hosted databases, Cyclr also provide connectors to widely used Cloud services.

Work directly with services such as Airtable, Amazon S3 and ServiceNow so you can create integrations that ensure your, and your users’, data is kept up to date and made available where you need it.

What kinds of databases can Cyclr work with?

Cyclr offers a wide range of database connectivity, including:


Connect to individual MySQL tables to automate data housekeeping.


Automate the powerful, open source object-relational database system.

Microsoft SQL Server

Directly work with Microsoft SQL Server tables and data.


Integrate data between your apps and your MongoDB databases.

Amazon S3

Create automations between your app and your AWS data.
Database Connectors

Request a Database

Need to work with another database type? We can create it for you.
Popular API connectors available in Cyclr's Connector Library

Combine Our Database Connectors with any Other Connector in our Library

With over 500 application connectors available in our Connector Library, you can quickly and easily create integrations with your databases and external data.

These can then be offered to your users.

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Cyclr Users Also Benefit From Connector Types Including

Tools - icon

Utility Connectors

Add advanced functionality into your integration workflows all through drag and drop.

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Universal - icon

Universal Connectors

Connect to any data source with our universal connectors – add your data fields and go!

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Webhook - icon

Webhook Connectors

Trigger your integrations when an external action is taken with our Webhook Connectors and methods.

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