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Add connectivity and automation solutions to your service offerings with of our integration platform.

Equip your clients with a robust integration solution, enabling the seamless execution of intricate workflows and reporting like never before. We not only offer the essential product but also provide the support needed to ensure you surpass their expectations in every delivery.

Set yourself apart instantly from other integration consultants with a flexible, white-labelled solution, with hundreds of ready made API connectors for software your clients are already using.

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Benefits of the Partnership

There are numerous benefits to joining Cyclr’s Accredited Partnership.

Not only will you be introduced to potential new clients but you’ll be able to guide your current client base into discovering advanced automation solutions while resolving their integration workflow challenges.

Becoming a Cyclr Partner gives you some of the following benefits:

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Full training is provided on Cyclr and you’ll have access to additional training resources such as our Community Site.

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Revenue Opportunities

You will receive monthly referral fees for the lifetime of any customer you introduce to the Cyclr platform.

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Internal Documentation

Access additional documentation resources to enable you to provide services for advanced Cyclr features.

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Sandbox Environment

You’ll receive your own Cyclr Sandbox environment for training and testing integrations.

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SA Support

You’ll get access to Cyclr’s Solution Architects for training and troubleshooting.

Existing Cyclr Partners

We have established a number of partnerships with a mixture of freelance and company partners. They are able to build integration templates and design/configure marketplaces.

These partners are here to help you remove any barriers to sales and improve product engagement.

Our partners include:

James Chase Consulting

James Chase Consulting

IDS Consulting


Smart Tuna

Smart Tuna

Popular API connectors available in Cyclr's Connector Library

Referral and Rewards

Participate in the Cycle Partnership programme to be part of our referral profit sharing plan.

By introducing new clients to Cyclr you’ll receive a percentage of their subscription fee, monthly, for as long as they’re a subscriber.

We’ll work with your team directly to help enable and attribute sales, enabling us to seamlessly credit you where it’s rightfully due.

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