Integration Delivery

Choose how to deliver integrations natively within your application

Integration Delivery: or, in other words, the ‘How do you want your customers to interact with your integrations

Cyclr offer a variety of ways that a SaaS company can display the Cyclr application and let users ‘turn on’ or activate the integrations. You can choose to use some simple, brandable, components that we have already built or you can completely design your own ‘skin’.

Our flexible platform allows you to deploy native integration in any of four ways.

How can I Deploy my Integrations?

Cyclr’s flexible deployment methodologies provides you with several options to fulfil your customers’ integration needs. You can use as many of these presentation options as you need; for example you could provide your users with self-serve integrations from within your SaaS application, and at the same time provide service-led custom integrations to discrete clients.


Service Led Deployment

Configurable UI

Cyclr UI / UX

100% Customisable UX

Development Effort

Launch in Day(s)


Launch in Week(s)

API Calls Required

1 API Call

0 API Calls

10+ API Calls

Screens Required

0 Screens to Build

6+ Screens to Build









Action Links





Web / Mobile Compatible

Web / Mobile / IoT Compatible


Service Led Deployment

Add an extra layer of customer service for your users through offering custom integrations.

Integrations can be completely fresh and unique, or you can adapt existing integration templates from your library. All of this is completely invisible to your end-user.

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List of integration template and how they can be toggled published/unpublished
Embedded Marketplace where end users can install integrations

Embedded Marketplace

Create and deploy a fully functioning client facing embedded integration marketplace inside your SaaS application in no time.

The Cyclr Embedded Marketplace allows you to customize styling to fit within your application. Quick to set-up, adapt and extend. Read more by clicking the link below.

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Your own UI/UX

Connect Cyclr to your own UI/UX using our own API. You have complete freedom with where and how you want to present your integrations to your users.

This flexibility allows you to take the integration experience to high levels of customisation.

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Custom Styled Integration Marketplace showcasing latest integrations to end users
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