Why Cyclr?

As the longest established Embedded iPaaS, we know integration


We are the longest standing Embedded iPaaS vendor in the market.

We know embedded integration, it’s all we do.

Our focus and experience means we understand your needs and your potential preferences – perhaps even before you do.

Cyclr has been intentionally built as a hybrid platform – we can be driven via our low-code GUI or you can drive us via our own API.

Embedded iPaaS Focus
Integration Experience


As the longest standing specialist integration provider we have built a comprehensive toolset that has great capability across both common use-cases and, more importantly, edge use-cases.

We improve our product functionality and roadmap based upon continual feedback from our many technology partners.

Template Driven

Cyclr is template driven for efficiency.

Templates are scalable and can be configured on deployment by your customers.

Build once, deploy multiple times. Mass, customisable scalability.

Create custom integration workflows
Multi-tenant solution


As a multi-tenant platform there is no need for each of your customers to ‘sign up’ with us.

We made Cyclr to be easily and directly accessible to your customers via your SaaS and completely white-labeled.

Completely White-Label

As a completely white-labeled application Cyclr offers you the ability to develop and expand your native integration capabilities.

Embed Cyclr behind your own existing UI or use our out of the box UI tools – or evolve from one to the other. The Cyclr brand will not be visible.

Completely White-labelled
Culture - Customer Success


We are fanatical about onboarding, customer success and customer support.

One of our Solution Architects will stand shoulder to shoulder with you from the start and support you directly until you are fully enabled.

Ready to start your integration journey?

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