Low Code Integration

Low code tools that can be used by both developers or non-technical and customer facing teams to build and deploy integrations

Connect and build with a low code GUI

Integrating your application with other systems can be a challenging process. Having to deal with differing data types, authentication styles, API formats and the ongoing evolution of your target’s service becomes a time absorbing and high resource intensity process.

Which is why we deal with all of these challenges for you, with our library of low-code integration connectors and tools. 

Creating an integration can be as easy as dragging and dropping elements into our builder – then deploying it to your users in a couple of clicks.

  • Empower wider team members to fulfil customer integration requests quickly
  • Open up new revenue opportunities
  • Modify existing integration templates or create entirely new workflows in minutes
  • Manage user integrations in their own custom accounts
  • Simplify integration delivery
Popular API connectors available in Cyclr's Connector Library

Pre-built API Connectors

Our Connectors take the complexity out of connecting applications – containing everything you need to connect to different SaaS applications with minimal setup. 

Covering over 500+ applications, Cyclr’s Connector Library helps you quickly and easily create integrations between systems by dragging, dropping and connecting Connectors within our builder.

API Connectors
Workflow between your SaaS, ActiveCampaign and Google Sheets to log new deals

Integration Workflow Builder

Our low-code integration builder is a flexible, yet powerful, workflow creation environment that enables you to create reusable integration templates. You can combine as many connectors and integration tools (such as our Utility Connectors and Logic Tools) as your use case requires.

All of your integrations include full versioning, so you can iterate upon them as use cases grow. These templates can be automatically or manually deployed into your users’ accounts, to begin running straight away or be made available for customisation.

Orchestration Layer

Embedded Marketplace

Your users want to be able to select and enable integration from directly within your application. Cyclr can sit behind your existing integration UI – or you can use our out of the box tool – Embedded Marketplace.

Easily configure Embedded Marketplace to create a bespoke, white-label, experience your users will love. New integrations can be added whenever you like, appearing inside your application without having to redeploy any source code.

If required you can create multiple Embedded Marketplaces to display different integration options to users on different pricing tiers of your product.

Embedded Marketplace
Embedded Marketplace where end users can install integrations
AWS and Microsoft Azure Private Cloud Instances

Scalable Hosting Options

Cyclr is built to scale as you do; offering shared infrastructure hosting, with the choice of US, UK and EU servers, as well as private cloud deployments.

Private cloud infrastructure can be customized to maximize performance around your main integration types and can be managed by us if you require.

You can always start in shared hosting and migrate as your users integration needs grow.

Shared Hosting

Private Hosting
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