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Add integration to your agency's services

As a marketing agency we need to keep our developers building websites as opposed to building out third party integrations and then playing wack-a-mole with application breaking API updates.
John Rippy, Drive Social Media

Extend Your Digital Services With Your Own Integration Platform

Why struggle with your customers’ arrays of digital services when you can have your own branded integration platform to build and manage your customers’ automations.

Our drag and drop workflow builder takes the pain out of creating automation workflows, allowing your team to directly create and deploy automations and integrations for you customers – no code required!

Set up omnichannel attribution, automated marketing campaigns and reports, combine and enhance their data to improve their business processes, as well as boosting their bottom line.

  • White-Labelled Integration Platform
  • Out Of The Box Connectivity To 300+ Applications
  • Agile Platform For High Responsiveness
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Ways of Adding Integration to my Agency’s Services

The Cyclr platform offers a range of flexible options for deploying, managing and creating integrations. If you want to centralise and streamline your agency’s integration service abilities be sure to get in contact so we can recommend the most suitable deployment method for your integration goals.

Data Enhancement

Will Cyclr allow me to create & deploy custom Marketing Automation workflows?

Yes! Combine and orchestrate data from any of the data sources in our connector library or use our generic connectors to access off platform data. You can create templates that can be deployed into multiple customer accounts, or create bespoke workflows to meet their requirements.

Data transformation

If my agency has their own system can Cyclr be used to upload customer data into it?

Yes, absolutely! We would create a connector for your system, so you can create integrations in the same way you would any other SaaS platform. You can then expose your workflows to your clients so they can self setup and get data moving into your system automatically.

Integration Design Tools

Can I use Cyclr as a portal to allow my customers to create their own integrations?

Yes! The Cyclr platform can be white labelled to allow your users to login to their own accounts and create their own automation workflows using our drag and drop builder. If you choose this option for deployment bare in mind that you will be taking ownership of your clients support requests.

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