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Zendesk makes it easy to support customers when they need your help.

Zendesk Connector Methods


Update TicketUpdates a Zendesk ticket. Action
Delete TicketDeletes a Zendesk ticket. Action
Get Tickets by EmailSearch for tickets submitted by a specified email address. Action
Get TicketSearch for tickets by ticket ID. Action
List TicketsGet a List of All Tickets. Action
Search TicketsSearch for tickets using your own criteria. Returns a maximum of 1,000 matching tickets. Action
Create TicketCreate a Zendesk ticket. Action
Get New TicketsSearch for tickets that are new. Action
Get Open TicketsSearch for tickets that are open. Action
Get Pending TicketsSearch for tickets that are pending. Action
Get On Hold TicketsSearch for tickets that are on hold. Action
Get Solved TicketsSearch for tickets that have been solved. Action
Get Closed TicketsSearch for tickets that are closed. Action
Import TicketImport a ticket into Zendesk. Action
Create Multiple TicketsBulk import tickets into Zendesk. Action

Satisfaction Ratings

Get Ticket RatingGets the satisfaction rating for a specific ticket. Action
Create Satisfaction RatingCreate the satisfaction rating for a solved ticket, or one that was solved and then re-opened. Action
List Satisfaction RatingsGet all received satisfaction ratings for an account. Action


Get UserGet a User by ID. Action
List UsersGet a List of All Users. Action
Upsert UserCreate or Update a User. Action

Ticket Comments

List Ticket CommentsGet a List of Comments for the Specified Ticket. Action


Get OrganizationGet an Organization by ID. Action
Search OrganizationsSearch for an organization. Action
List OrganizationsGet a List of All Organizations. Action
Upsert OrganizationCreate or Update an Organization. Action

Ticket Fields

Get Ticket FieldGet a Ticket Field by ID. Action
List Ticket FieldsGet a List of All Ticket Fields. Action


Ticket Closed or SolvedTriggered When a Ticket is Closed or Solved by a User - please see docs for further instructions: Webhook
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