Embedded Marketplace

Embedded Integration Marketplace for all of your Integrations

Embedded Marketplace where end users can install integrations

All of your integrations in one place with our Embedded Marketplace

Cyclr’s Embedded Integration Marketplace gives you a fully equipped platform to publish a centralized marketplace of self-service integrations to your users from inside your SaaS application.

With fast setup, and highly configurable design options, you will have your own branded integration marketplace live in your application in no time. All workflows created in Cyclr can be pushed into your marketplace without any additional deployments to your core product.

Built for Rapid Deployment - Get Setup in Less than a Day

The Cyclr Embedded Marketplace has been built to enable rapid deployment.

Present hundreds of integration possibilities to your end users – all available for self service – in no time, with minimal developer resources. Choose a hierarchy that fits with your product.

Set up and style your marketplace from the marketplace manager inside your Cyclr Console.

Use the marketplace as a tool to discover potential integrations your users want to connect to with ‘coming soon’ options. Present connectors/integrations that are available within Cyclr, but that you haven’t deployed yet, for rapid roll-out ‘upon request’.

  • Fast Setup
  • Minimal Developer Resources Required
  • Full Marketplace Management Options Inside Cyclr
  • Handles Self-Service Integration Installation

Your Marketplace - Your Style

The Cyclr Embedded Marketplace allows you to style it in any way you like, so it fits your SaaS application’s style guides.

All style updates are performed inside the Cyclr console, with changes immediately being shown in your published marketplace – no additional developer deployments are required to make any changes.

Combine Self-Built, Outsourced and Designed Integrations in a Single Marketplace

To help you develop out your integration marketplace you can create your own integration hub by publishing your existing integrations alongside integrations built inside Cyclr. Give your SaaS’s users a unified integration experience regardless of the methodology you’ve chosen.

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Display and deploy any of your existing business-critical native integrations in your marketplace as well as your Cyclr-built integrations

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Publish any integrations created in Cyclr to your marketplace for end-users to self-serve and configure the marketplace to install multiple integrations at once

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Use your marketplace to take and monitor integration requests, so you can plan the next steps of your integration strategy with your users’ input.

Learn more about what integration strategy options your have in our FREE report

Other Deployment Methods

You can choose to implement Cyclr in other (or a combination of a few) deployment methods including White Label, our LAUNCH overlay and building your own Custom UI, or directly access third-party data in your app through our Proxy API.

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