Utility Connectors

Value-Add Integration Utility Connectors to Enhance your Integrations

Create even more advanced integrations using our range of Utility Connectors.


Designed to provide enhanced functionality and capabilities, combine Utility Connectors with Application Connectors to open up new data transmission opportunities that otherwise may not be supported by existing APIs.

Advanced Integration Tools
Drag and Drop
Enhanced Data Processing Abilities

Advanced Integration Enhancing Utilities

Utility Connectors allow you to have even finer control over the flow of data passing through your integrations. Examples per below, speak to us for the full catalogue of possibilities:


Store temporary or persistent data between integration runtimes for future reference.

Full Sync

Easily create fully synchronised integrations between different platforms.


Trigger additional integrations when an action occurs in an integration.

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Test and Connect to External Services with our Generic Utility Connectors

Can’t find a connector but you want to access a service? No problem!

Our Generic Utility Connectors enable you to setup and access external data sources (not currently in our Application Connector Library) in no time.

Generic Webhook

Trigger integrations through an external webhook action.

Generic HTTP

Access data from APIs directly in the workflow builder.


Generate and send files as part of your integrations.

Take a Look at our Application Connector Library

Combine these utility connectors with any of our Application Connectors to create advanced integration workflows that are reusable and can be delivered to your users natively within your SaaS application.

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