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Cyclr, an embedded iPaaS

A Brief History of Embedded iPaaS

Three or four years ago, when Embedded iPaaS was a very new thing, there was one emerging Cyclr competitor that we particularly enjoyed going head to head with – Blendr.io (‘Blendr’).

We got on with and liked the team, as well as had a passing admiration for their product. As the only two in the market at that time we enjoyed the competition, it kept us on our toes.

What changed?

Fast forward to late 2020, and very early in Blendr’s development path, Blendr was acquired by Qlik.

From conversations with several prospective customers, we have come to the understanding that Qlik may be retiring support for the Blendr product in its’ original form as an Embedded iPaaS.

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What are your options?

Change can be a daunting thing but Cyclr is here to help as the alternative to Blendr. We want to make the transition as simple and seamless as possible. 

So, where to start? 

Get in touch and we’ll kick things off by first showing you the differences in approach to integration builds between Blendr and Cyclr. We’ll ask lots of questions about your use cases and build a custom demo for our next conversation.

In the demo, you’ll have a chance to see more of what is under the Cyclr hood and how your integrations could look in Cyclr. Should you require it we can also offer a free trial period.

Finally, we can offer a -25% discount on subscriptions for up to six months for customers migrating their integrations from Blendr.io to Cyclr. We have done this to alleviate financial pressure whilst they may be running two subscriptions in parallel.

Why is Cyclr the Embedded iPaaS to migrate to?

We’ve been doing this for a while now and are the longest-established Embedded iPaaS vendor on the market. As a result, our focus and experience means we understand your needs and your potential preferences.

We have built a comprehensive toolset that has been intentionally built as a hybrid platform. It has great capability to control and standardise integration across both common use cases and, more importantly, edge use cases. 

All this makes us a great potential partner for any ex-Blendr.io customers. As your needs are constantly evolving we are continually developing our product to reflect and grow with you. Whether it be functionality, features or connectivity these are based upon continual feedback from our many technology partners. 

But don’t just take our word for it, you can read what some of our customers thought in our Case Studies. 

If you are interested please get in touch with the team and we would be delighted to set up a comparative call and make the migration offer available to you.

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