SaaS Integration

Leverage In-App Integrations to Delight your Users

Increasing Integrations within your SaaS

SaaS platforms are continually evolving and SaaS integration is now regarded as an industry standard.

Originally developers aimed to create systems that their users performed the entirety of their tasks in. However, this does create headaches especially with user on-boarding and extending the platform.

This is where SaaS integrations comes in. By integrating with complementary platforms, a SaaS can extend its own reach and functionality. Making it even more in tune and customisable to what the user is looking to achieve.

Workflow between your SaaS, ActiveCampaign and Google Sheets to log new deals

Getting Started with SaaS Integration

Accelerate your SaaS Integration with Low Code

  • Fulfil customer integration requests quickly and open up new revenue opportunities.
  • Modify existing integration templates or create entirely new workflows in minutes.
  • Manage user integrations in their own custom accounts with drag and drop low code integration tools.

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Workflow between your SaaS, ActiveCampaign and Google Sheets to log new deals

Download and read our report Introduction to iPaaS, Embedded iPaaS & Integration

It discusses how to improve your integration strategy and pick the right methodology for your situation.

Helping you discover and select your path to integration success!

SaaS Integration through Proxy API

Popular API connectors available in Cyclr's Connector Library

  • A single API to access all of your external application data and bring it into your SaaS
  • Trigger Cyclr integrations and synchronise webhooks
  • Drill down into your data and create bespoke UI and integration customisation with additional JavaScript

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What are some of the challenges of building your own SaaS integrations?

By building your own integrations you are able to provide the tightest, most bespoke integration with your product possible, but it does come with some hazards.

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