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Leverage In-App Integrations to Delight your Users

Increasing Integrations within your SaaS

SaaS platforms are continually evolving and SaaS integration is now regarded as an industry standard.

Originally developers aimed to create systems that their users performed the entirety of their tasks in. However, this does create headaches especially with user on-boarding and extending the platform.

This is where SaaS integrations comes in. By integrating with complementary platforms, a SaaS can extend its own reach and functionality. Making it even more in tune and customisable to what the user is looking to achieve.

The Cyclr Process - options for delivering in-app integrations

Getting Started with SaaS Integration

SaaS integration is the process of creating pathways to allow different software platforms, run either on cloud-based or on-premise to communicate and share data.

For instance, adding new leads from your website form captures to your sales and marketing applications, as well as your CRM system.

There are numerous benefits to SaaS integration some of which are saving substantial time, reducing human error and increasing transparency.

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SaaS integration is a complex process and when implementing several challenges can be thrown your way. The first being to understand the different integration methods and approaches. Then choosing the right one so you don’t lose revenue or productivity.

Secondly, ensuring your data transformation is performed correctly, otherwise you risk losing data or silo-ing it.

Thirdly, you need to make sure your security protocols such as authentication are in place to avoid your data becoming venerable.

Don’t fret as there are a number of ways to minimise these challenges.


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Integration Deployment Benefits

SaaS integration is complicated and one way of solving the issues and relieving how hard it is, is by using an external integration provider, like an embedded iPaaS.

They can help you integrate with multiple third-party SaaS technologies. As well as build complex data workflows that combine and process multiple data sets.

This can help accelerate your time to market with new solutions and improve product competitiveness.


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Embedded iPaaS Report

Download and read our report Introduction to iPaaS, Embedded iPaaS & Integration

We discuss how to improve your current integration strategy and picking the right methodology that is best for your situation.

Helping you discover and select your path to integration success!

Accelerate your SaaS Integration with Low Code

  1. Fulfil customer integration requests quickly and open up new revenue opportunities.
  2. Modify existing integration templates or create entirely new workflows in minutes.
  3. Manage user integrations in their own custom accounts with drag and drop low code integration tools.
Learn About Low Code Integration
Builder Integration Flow
Monica Vinader

Harry Speedy, Head of Product & Data

“Time is a finite resource that we have, so Cyclr has enabled us to do other things with our developer resources because of the time it has saved using the toolkit. We’re able to achieve more by having a toolkit at our fingertips to be a bit more agile.”

Types of SaaS Integration User

Startup Plan

Startup SaaS

Adding Integrations to Early Stage SaaS Platforms Startup SaaS
Scale Plan

Established SaaS

Boost your Existing Integration Strategy Enterprise SaaS

SaaS Integration through Proxy API

  1. A single API to access all of your external application data and bring it into your SaaS
  2. Trigger Cyclr integrations and synchronise webhooks
  3. Drill down into your data and create bespoke UI and integration customisation with additional JavaScript

Learn About API Driven Integration
Proxy API
Connector Layer

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What are some of the challenges of building your own SaaS integrations?

By building your own integrations you are able to provide the tightest, most bespoke integration with your product possible, but it does come with some hazards.

SaaS Integration Technical Debt

Technical Debt

Just connecting to another application doesn’t necessarily solve your users’ requirement. Often multiple integrations to the same application are required to match different use cases and offer flexibility.

Each of these integrations will need to be built and maintained by your developers – detracting from your core product offering and adding an element of surprise when an API or external platform changes, leaving your team to drop everything to ensure that your users’ integration remains running and stable.


SaaS Integration Time to Market

Time to Market

Building an integration is no trivial feat. You need to factor in planning, development and testing, to ensure your users’ data isn’t be mishandled.

All of these steps add time and resources onto your integration project.

So when a user or prospective client asks for a specific integration you have to factor in your development resources to ensure you can deliver. When it comes to being able to close a deal with the proviso of connectivity – speed and accuracy are of the essence.

Integration Guidance


The decision to create an integration with a platform is one thing, but what about the reality of working with a completely different system over a long period of time.

Having to deal with varying levels of documentation, to be able to build your integration, and availability of test credentials, to ensure what you build works, can be a challenge in itself. Especially when working with smaller, less mature players in the market.

And that’s before you can evaluate what measures need to be put in place when working with varying authentication, data structures and endpoints.

All of these issues can be mitigated through using an Embedded iPaaS like Cyclr

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