6 Reasons Why You Should Use An Embedded iPaaS Solution

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An embedded iPaas solution can be the answer to many SaaS companies’ integration woes. We’ve got a number of reasons why you’d want to use one.

Native integrations offer the best customer experience

Customers want their problems answered ‘right here, right now. If they want to integrate your application they want to be able to achieve this simply. Without leaving your application environment. In other words, they want the integration to be ‘Native’.

Non-native integrations are when the customer has to leave your application to achieve an integration result. This is either provided by the application at the other end of the integration flow. Alternatively, it is provided by an independent (off-platform) provider of integration solutions.

An Embedded iPaaS helps retain control of your customer relationship

When a customer has to leave your SaaS application to achieve an integration you are losing a part of the ‘control’ with the customer. This is because you are introducing the possibility for the customer to be invited to switch from your application to another. As well as for the trusted relationship to move from you to a third-party.

For instance, you are a CRM and a third-party application delivers the integration to your CRM. They may also offer other CRM integration therefore the ability for the customer to migrate/switch from your application to another. If the integration is native and/or delivered via an embedded platform then this risk is reduced.

Embedded iPaaS: Controlling your integration worlflows
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Your time to market for new integrations is vastly diminished

Embedded iPaaS platforms are like a box of lego bricks with pre-built components. They provide an environment designed for creativity and the ability to build whatever you choose within limited boundaries.

An embedded iPaaS platform allows you to focus on the solution to your customer needs. Rather than the need to build, manage and maintain the component building blocks of the solution. With an embedded iPaaS platform you should be able to switch on new integrations rapidly, simply by activating them within your integration platform’s environment. No need for scheduling builds and ongoing maintenance. The embedded iPaaS provider should resolve this.

Embedded Integration: Bar chart demonstrating faster time to market

Integrations can be delivered by developers or commercial staff

Why buy a toolkit to save developer time and only have it usable by developers? A well-designed embedded iPaaS toolkit should be appropriate and accessible to both developers (technical) and commercial staff (non-technical).

Integrations are a critical part of customer satisfaction and ‘winning deals’. Therefore the ability for integrations to be rapidly delivered by those that understand the problem (the data flow) and are in communication directly with the client is critical to the resolution. Truly resolving integration speed to market and responsiveness relies upon integration being able to be owned by the appropriate team at the appropriate time. Shy away for a solution that is designed for one single internal audience.

Embedded iPaaS: Integrators role can be split between developers, citizen integrators and other staff

An Embedded iPaaS saves substantial development time and cost

SaaS companies are just that, companies. Developing integrations from scratch can be costly from a build and maintenance perspective. Both in time and therefore money.

Developing integrations requires a team or a proportion of an existing team. Using an embedded iPaaS platform can substantially save on the resource required to deliver integrations. As well as amplify the effectiveness of the existing integration team. Enabling them to manage a much larger, more responsive, integration suite.

An embedded iPaaS platform should be competitively priced against the direct cost of providing such solutions yourself.

A single platform for in-app self-service and custom integrations

Why use two methodologies for fulfilling your user’s integration requirements? While self-service integrations are a huge benefit to both users and development teams, there are always going to be exceptions when it comes to integration requests.

Therefore, iPaaS platforms ensure you’re covered in both eventualities. This means you can create and publish self-service integrations as well as empower your team to create bespoke, private integrations for your users. This opens customisation revenue opportunities while ensuring that all of your team use a single platform.

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